The modern woman wants to see her TRUE self. She wants to exist in exquisite photographs and have imagery to properly represent her legacy for the rest of time. She wants to see her confidence and knows that does not have to mean a full makeover transformation and elaborate wardrobe.

And yeah…she also wants to look cool.

She doesn’t compete with other women, she supports them. She knows she is destined for great things and likely already doing them. She’s a lover AND a fighter.

The modern woman wants to be photographed by me for HERSELF. She may have a partner….but the experience isn’t for them. Though ultimately, it will certainly have a ripple effect.

Whether she’s seeking this experience because she wants to find herself or because she already knows exactly who she is and that she is someone worth celebrating….the modern woman is the exact type of woman who seeks me out and invests in herself through my work.

I’m in the business of celebrating women and inspiring confidence. -Kara Marie

The women you see on this website are every day (albeit extraordinary) women…not professional models. They are career women, moms, grandmothers, wives, philanthropists, yogis, bartenders, and lawyers. They are who you might bump into on a walk to the mailbox or in the school pick-up line.

The Kara Marie experience is not about a makeover transformation. It’s about looking like yourself, like FEELING like a model in all the best ways, while still being gently guided through your time spent in front of my camera. It’s about the internal transformation through building confidence. It’s about embracing your authentic beauty, and, let’s be honest, looking really really cool doing it. That’s my specialty.

I believe that the female form is art- regardless of the shape it takes. I believe that it is my mission to build confidence one woman at a time. I believe that you are ENOUGH and you are AMAZING exactly as you are right now…not 15 lbs from now, not 20 years ago…now. I believe that your looks (however stunning they may be) are the least interesting thing about you. I believe wholeheartedly that I was put on this planet to create confident and beautiful imagery FOR women, not OF women for others…and I believe you found me for a reason.

This is my full time gig, ladies. I SPECIALIZE in photographing women. What does that mean for you? That means that you are in the very capable hands of someone who does this ALL the time. Not just every now and then in between family photo shoots and weddings. Though, don't think that's where not where I started. I've dabbled in just about all types of photography, and have narrowed my specialization over the last 12 years into exclusively photographing women. Because I love it THAT much.  In fact, I am actually a photography educator— which means I teach photographers all over the world how to lift women up through photography.

You’ll notice that all of my images are black & white…which is my specialty. I have a passion for monochrome that is a theme in both my business and personal life.


Take a peek inside the Kara Marie Studio' photoshoot experience and watch our above promo video by the talented Eugene + Heather!



Named the 2017 Boudoir Photographer of the Year by the Association of International Boudoir Photographers, winning multiple awards for business practices and individual digital and print photographic works, mentoring + educating other industry photographers, and gracing the cover and inside spreads of several industry magazines, you can rest assured that you are in the very capable hands of a quality professional with Kara Marie Trombetta of Kara Marie Studios. 

Get Personal with Kara Marie...


I’m based in Austin, TX- though I’m traveling often. I’m a busy boy mom (12 and 6), the full-time owner/photographer/business manager/bookkeeper/marketing executive/social media manager/customer service representative of this awesome business, a photography educator, an avid traveler, and the my best friend and high school sweetheart— though, ironically, I’m not a romantic in the slightest.

SO, as you can imagine, my day-to-day life isn't exactly GLAM.  If I was ambitious enough to even wear one, I remove my bra the second I get home from work.  I have a large drawer in my bathroom solely dedicated to dry shampoo.  I wake up at 5:00am every.single.day.without.fail. I crash into bed at 8:00pm utterly exhausted. It's a very fulfilling life, yes.  But consistently glamorous, it is not. 

 The second I had my first boudoir shoot in my tiny apartment in Erie, PA (with a friend-slash-client who reluctantly paid me $100 for "sexy photos" for her boyfriend), over 11 years ago, I knew that making women feel confident was what I wanted to do forever. I know how powerful an AMAZING photo of yourself is, and I also know how damaging an awful photo of yourself can be. So I have spent the past 11 years fine tuning my craft, my business, and photographing over 4,500 women of all different shapes, sizes, and walks of life (yes, really. I did the math.)

When I'm in a shoot, I am truly having so much fun. I'm a total goofball. I use whatever means necessary to elicit true laughter from my clients. I honest-to-goodness-100%-without-hesitation can tell you that I LOVE my job. I adore it. I hope that shines through my images.


You should know that my boudoir philosophy revolves around this crazy idea that women owe it to themselves to embrace their womanhood and claim their sexuality as something that belongs to THEMSELVES. It's not for anyone else to take.  Because I once was one, I've felt such a strong calling to help abused girls, to be a voice for them, and to support them financially as much as I can. When Steven Tyler launched Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund [A big voice for abused girls], that added even more to his HERO status in my mind and I wanted to be a part of the support team.

That said, I am proud to announce that I am officially a fundraiser for Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund, and on top of personal contributions, will be donating a portion of all boudoir photography profits to this charity, from now through my birthday [August 16th].