Boudoir in a BAR! | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

You  may have heard me teasing you about this session….and it’s one that has been PAINFUL to hold on to for a month! But today….I am finally able to release these images as Miss S. is gifting them to her Mr. Handsome right about NOW at his surprise birthday party….at the bar that the images were shot at! I am not typically fond of using flash/artificial light for boudoir photos.  HOWEVER the concept, set up by the client, of shooting in her and her man’s favorite bar intrigued me. I did not know ahead of time what bar we were using, and wouldn’t know until I showed up really. No time to scope the territory and determine my strategy. I would just fly by the seat of my pants during this shoot. We used the bar stools, the booths, the BAR, the outside of the bar….Alas–one of my favorite sessions ever.

Ok, I’ll shut up. Here’s some images ;)

Speechless? I was too! Miss S. did a FANTASTIC job, planned her wardrobe so perfectly, and the bar that we utilized (which I’m still unsure if they prefer me to broadcast their name or not….so until I have permission, I’m keeping it under wraps and not displaying any photos that include their name!), everything was just perfect!