Miss "C" | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

All to often, my boudoir clients undergo a pretty drastic transformation for their photo shoots with me.  They get all new and glamorous outfits, take their hair to another level of sexy, and have their makeup perfected by my oh-so-professional-and-talented makeup artists. Yesterday, I photographed Miss "C".  And, according to her, she couldn't BELIEVE how she looked. I even caught her giving herself a little "How YOU doin'?" in the mirror. This is the way that I strive to make all of my clients feel in their photos. 10 times out of 10...it's a success. AND, holy moly---no, this is NOT Brittany Snow....but could she win a look-a-like contest or WHAT!?!?!  It was surreal.


SO BEAUTIFUL! I know her husband is going to FLIP when he receives these images for Christmas!  It always sounds so creepy when I say this, and I mean it in the least creepy way possible...but I TOTALLY wish I could see each and every significant other's reaction when they receive a gift of boudoir images of their lady.

Thank you to Angela from Hint of Shimmer for perfecting Miss "C"'s beauty transformation!

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