Catching Up | Austin Boudoir Photographer

Well, shit.  

I haven't posted in quite some time...and for a few reasons. First and foremost, because until TODAY, I didn't have an actual consistent internet connection at my studio. 3 cable companies later, and Donald from Time Warner (my last choice for a reason), pulled through for me and successfully installed internet! Wahooo!  



Don't worry, I haven't been living without internet for 2 weeks....only at the studio. But part of the benefit of getting the studio was to give me the ability to leave work at work and be present at home. SO, I've been doing just that and hopefully sometime soon I'll get into the groove of being both a full-time business owner AND a full-time mom simultaneously. I'll keep you posted on that. ha.


ALSO- I've been busy, y'all. Like REALLY flipping busy. In the past two weeks I've photographed 17 boudoir sessions and 1 wedding, designed and ordered 12 bedside albums, and have had 6 client photo reveals.   On the 2 days that I didn't have a shoot booked in those two weeks, I was editing my booo-tay off.  And also drinking a lot of wine. 


So that's the update. I know, I were on the edge of your seats!!

The GOOD NEWS is, I'm starting to come up for air just a TINY bit. At least enough to blog some sessions soon!  So stay tuned you awesome people, you. 

~Kara Marie (over and out).