How to use Pinterest for your Boudoir shoot... | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

If you aren't using Pinterest, you are truly missing out.  Truly.   Pinterest is my go-to in a multitude of ways! I pin my clean eating recipes (and on the flipside, desserts to die for), DIY projects, interior design ideas, my own photography, photography that inspires me, things that motivate me, and more. I have a board for just about every aspect of my life.  Being a photographer, clearly I'm a visual person.  Pinterest offers me a visual of all the things "me". 

Sometimes my boudoir clients are a little surprised when I give them homework....and even more surprised when I tell them that their homework is to log on to Pinterest. That's MY kind of homework...where was THAT class in college? Am I right?!    

Here is the assignment I give them:  Log into Pinterest.  If you don't have a Pinterest account, get one. You'll thank me and hate me simultaneously.  Create a "secret" board and title it "My Boudoir". This is a board that you can pin to without all of your "followers" seeing what you're pinning. Invite me to the board (click_chick). Then, I want you to start searching within Pinterest "boudoir".  Start with that broad search term. Start pinning images to your secret board (it all sounds so sleuth, doesn't it?!) that draw your eye. I don't want you to put too much thought into it. Just pin the images that visually stimulate you to say "ooh, I LOVE that!".

Once you start going through a slew of images, you'll start to realize some more specific search terms you might like to "modest boudoir", or "black and white boudoir", or "classic nude boudoir". Continue on this route until you have at least 50 pins.  The purpose of this homework assignment is NOT to find images to replicate.  The purpose is multi-faceted. Doing this assignment will  1.)Give me a very fast and easy visual of the types of images you are drawn to. Do you like the teaser images? Are you into bright and cheery images? Dark and seductive?  2.) It will start to get you really thinking about the possibilities for your shoot and get you SUPER excited.  

Here's a peek at MY secret board for my own boudoir shoot:  

By taking one very brief look at this board, it's apparent that I love black and white imagery. Also, that HAIR plays a very big role in my desired photos. Also that I dig "classic".

Fun, huh? Now, go on...even if you aren't planning a boudoir shoot RIGHT now...create that secret board, and even invite me to it! You might find that you're ready to have a sexy shoot sooner than you thought. 

Stay tuned for more ways to use Pinterest for your boudoir shoot in future blogs installments! Yay Pinterest!


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