Where I've been....

Holy M.I.A., Batman!  I'm not being held hostage, I'm not deathly ill, and I'm still alive, if you can believe it. I've just been insane with busyness. IN.FREAKING.SANE.  Mostly crazy PERSONAL busyness, but paired with the usual business busyness. Over the last 2 weeks we've celebrated my son's 1st birthday, entertained my mom and her husband who came to visit, went to the rodeo, dropped and shattered a brand new bottle of OPI nailpolish on my kitchen floor, snuck off to Vegas to celebrate our wedding anniversary (and take full advantage of having family in town to watch the kids!) where we acted like kids again, ate entirely too much, slept entirely too little, went to a night club (THAT made me feel old and lame), saw an old client, went through an entire bottle of eye drops, got the best anniversary present ever (see: DIOR!), and did pretty decent on gambling winnings, mixed with regular life- shot 4 boudoir sessions, 2 consults, 2 engagement sessions, 1 event for my favorite venue,  and still managed to put makeup on and wear something other than a robe most days. Here's a little peek at all the action! 

I'm actually super impressed with myself for being fully "present" in the moment while on our little getaway...I mean, I was definitely a little tipsy ;)  But I did NOT have my phone out snapping instagrams the whole time. In fact, when I got home, I was a little shocked at my lack of photographic evidence.  Ohhh well. 

So I'm back to work now! Spending the day tackling some album designs and editing a few sessions!  That means photos soon, y'all! 


Now that I'm back, let's shoot, girl!

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