Miss "V" in all her glory... | Austin Boudoir Photographer

You've definitely seen the "teasers" by now...Miss "V"'s photo shoot was insanely amazing. She totally rocked the lens, rocked her outfit (uhm...this floral kimono is to DIE for), rocked her tattoos, and made my day. Miss "V" just moved to Austin from California and I think this photo shoot was the PERFECT welcome for her, don't you??

Many of you may not believe it (especially the photographers who may be reading)...but I did VERRRY little editing on these images. I only sharpened, added a touch of contrast, and straightened the crop when necessary. I did absolutely NO skin retouching whatsoever. My "secret" is so simple , it's ridiculous. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know what that secret is...if you don't, then I'll just leave you in wonder :) 

Incredible, right!? Miss "V" was such a classic beauty. It was a pleasure to have her in front of my lens! 

Major props to my incredible makeup artist, Lauren Davis of Hint of Shimmer! 


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