Whimsical Maternity | Austin Beauty Photographer

Let. there. be. TULLE!

Monti is a repeat client of mine...and those are my favorite kinds of clients :) When someone contacts me for round 2 (or three or FOUR!) it really gives me the warm and fuzzies!  You know what makes me warmer and fuzzier? When those clients say "I really want to do something creative, beautiful, and I want you to run with it! Let's book it!".   Monti and I met for coffee a couple months ago to catch up and chat about a maternity shoot. She had seen some of my beauty work and wanted to do something like that for her session. **CUE HAPPY DANCE**.  

Without me rambling on and on too much longer, I'll cut to the chase. I made my 11th whimsical glamour skirt last week as my family rolled their eyes at yet ANOTHER pile of tulle occupying our living room.  SO.WORTH.IT.  Monti proudly strutted around, all 7 months pregnant of her, with not a single complaint about the heat or the itchy tulle. And it was HOT, y'all. Check her out!

**Standing ovation!!!**

GO MONTI! I absolutely cannot flipping wait to lay my eyes on that baby! 


Hair by Nina of Urban Betty

Makeup by Lauren of Hint of Shimmer

Dress by yours truly.


Curious about my whimsical series? I'm happy to chat more with you about booking one! They're a little different than your typical boudoir or beauty shoot, but SO beautiful! How fabulous to have an art piece like this of yourself!? I want one. (Note to self: Figure out how to shoot own whimsical session...)

Hit me up, dahhling! Let's chat!

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