Suck it up, princess!

The inevitable quarterly mental breakdown(ish) occurred last week. It's like clockwork. The work piled up. It piled high. Well--I mean, not literally because most of my work is digital. But if digital work could pile, mine would be the biggest pile EVER.

Right around the time I think I can't possibly take on anymore, I am bombarded with a whole wagon full of rocks being pelted at me along the way. I am strong and I hold it all together. But it's that ONE last straw...the something stupid. I'm talking really really ridiculously stupid and irrelevant to the rest of my stresses. That's the straw that broke the camel's back. (me being the camel and a really dumb comment made by my husband being the straw).


My husband to the rescue. He poured me a glass of wine and stroked my hair as I cried and babbled about all the things going wrong. He told me I was right to feel overwhelmed and asked if there was anything he could do to make my life easier.

HA just kidding.

He told me to suck it up.  "Our life is pretty great. We both have jobs that we love. We have clients that we love. We have amazing kids. We have luxuries. You blow things up in your mind. In the grand scheme of things--they're irrelevant and small. Suck it up, princess."


You know, something like that. Only the way my husband could deliver it. It stung. I just wanted someone to tell me I was right. I wanted him to sympathize with me. If you know Joey, you know that he and sympathy don't exactly go hand in hand.

As much as I hate admitting when he's right (and as much as I disagree with his tactics), he reminded me that I do have it pretty freaking good. My "problems" are of the first world variety. Yes, I juggle a ton...but I'm blessed to have so much to juggle.  I need to do better about being mindful of that. 

As I was writing this blog, this popped up in my newsfeed from the amazing Marie Forleo: 


I'm challenging myself to take things in stride not strife. Join me, will ya? Or, at the very least, slap me silly if you see me stressing. (Or have some wine with me.)