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She's a bird owner, a car enthusiast, and a scientist (so basically, a total badass). On top of that, she's got the most beautiful blue eyes! Miss "B", here, is has been in front of my lens a few times before...but I would have to say that THIS was my favorite shoot.  She is just such a natural in front of the camera. Even when she's giggling because she feels awkward, it comes across as "supermodel".


Here is what Miss "B" had to say: 

"In early February, I had a tonsillectomy.  As an adult, it means a longer recovery and no real food for TWO WEEKS. I lost a lot of weight, and right about the time I was almost to my two week mark, I suffered a very rare and life threatening arterial hemorrhage that required emergency surgery and, you guessed it, another two week ban on food!


After four weeks of soupy mashed potatoes and apple sauce, I had lost a total of 15 pounds (and a large quantity of blood from the hemorrhage). For the next few months, I got to constantly hear from everyone how sick, tired and pale I looked! Not only was I physically feeling crummy, I was feeling down about how awful these complications apparently made me look. I was having trouble getting back to my old self after this, and it turns out a boudoir shoot with the Click Chick herself was exactly what I needed!


Kara is an amazing woman who really helped me feel great about myself again. I firmly believe that it’s not just the boudoir experience itself, but having a wonderful photographer that really gives it the impact. I felt so comfortable and spent the majority of my shoot laughing! It was also helpful that Kara has a great eye AND modeling experience so she will show you exactly how to pose- there is no need to think you shouldn’t shoot because you’re not sure what to do or how to do it.  


I am so happy that I did this for myself and I would strongly recommend any woman who needs a pick me up or just a fun way to pamper herself to consider a boudoir shoot with Kara! I am a three time customer for a reason!"

Beauty + Brains + Badassness. Told you. ;) 

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