Legs for miles | Austin Boudoir Photographer

Just a quick tease into one of this week's boudoir shoots. Oh man. I can't even express to you how amazing all of them are! Eek!  This woman told me that her legs were her favorite feature...so we kind of worked it ;)


It was right around the time that this image was taken that my client said "HOW DO YOU PICK WHO GOES ON YOUR BLOG!?!"  I said, I blog every one of my clients who asks me to!  Her response: "Can you please put me on your BLOG!?!?!!!"  So you can bet this beauty will be getting quite a feature after she has her photo viewing! Ooh la la! 

P.S. Do you see that shiny new logo in the lower left hand corner of that image!?  When I re-launched as exclusively boudoir, I wanted to throw my new website up as fast as humanly possible. I found a cute text and a' posting I a-went.  My darling friend Callie who is a stellar graphic designer said in the kindest of ways... "I noticed your typeface...."  It was eating away at her, I could tell.  I couldn't think of ANYONE better to create the official watermark for Click Chick Boudoir.  BAM!