A Classic Beauty... | Austin Boudoir Photographer

I have photographed miss "J" before, in a much different capacity, and was absolutely DELIGHTED when we started talking about getting her in front of my lens for a boudoir shoot.  She and her husband had a milestone anniversary last week, and she knew that she really wanted to knock his socks off for this one.  Mission accomplished. 

I wanted to express how grateful I am to be shown that all the parts of myself that I see as imperfections are really not imperfections at all, but instead make me beautiful.
— Miss J

Insanely beautiful, isn't she!?  Her boudoir experience was so much fun and I was literally DYING trying to keep this secret for so long!   We were texting back and forth on the evening that she gave her husband the incredibly amazing album and he said the pictures are exactly the way that he sees her all the time. AHHH!  Be still my heart. 

Makeup done by the talented Lauren of Lola Beauty!

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