Learning not to give so many f**ks

I bought this shirt from Buy Me Brunch for my husband....because he truly gives zero fucks about most things. The shirt was too small for him. So I cut it up for myself.



What's comical about ME wearing the shirt is that it's SO not me. Nope. Not one bit. I give all the fucks.

I wore a jacket over the shirt to drop my kids off at school. Then I cried in the car because my son's preschool teacher quit and I had all the feels for her and the situation. Then I worried about something I said to someone that I meant in  one way and thought maybe it was misconstrued.....and that was some fleeting comment I made a week ago. Then I realized how tired I was because I didn't sleep last night thinking about this one person who has been making my life pretty full of fucks who I should just ignore...but it still bothers me relentlessly. 

My husband is a brilliant man, insanely hard working, juggles more tasks with ease than my to-do list could ever handle, and with ALL the things he carries on his shoulders, he is unbelievably stress-free.  I mean...it's just uncanny. 

I've met a few people like this and I'm always so baffled.  How can they do it all and still, in their mind, be sitting on a beach sipping umbrella drinks?

I don't freaking know. Did you think you were going to get some sort of answers out of this post? Sorry. Nope. 

Just a declaration that I'm TRYYYIINNNG to give less fucks. I can't give zero fucks because that just wouldn't be me. But caring less about things that I can't change would be super awesome. You should try it, too. 

The end.