My Man Brain and my Woman Brain got Married and Made These Images | Austin Boudoir Photographer

She kept the secret when neither one of us, I don't think, thought she would. She had the digital files and album in-hand well before her wedding anniversary and was bursting at the seams. 

On their anniversary, Miss "K" and her husband were out-and-about in downtown Austin. She excused herself to the bathroom and text him one of the photos.  When she walked back to the table, his face said it all. Absolutely priceless.  Throughout the night, she continued to text him a photo from her boudoir session here and there. Eventually she handed him the album.

Ever since, he's been hiding in the corner away from their daughter thumbing through the album with a shit grin on his face.


I guess you could say it's a good thing that I've got BOTH a man brain and a woman brain. I am a firm believer in knowing your own strengths, and I know that one of mine is to be able to view a woman's body from both male and female perspectives. I love being able to create images that appeal to both.

Strive for perfection: That is what I was taught growing up. Yes, of course, that could have a positive impact on a person, but for me it was the opposite.

I grew up thinking that my body had to look perfect at all times. I became a gym rat and nothing was ever perfect enough when it came to looking in the mirror. If I saw a photo of myself I would immediately look for the flaw rather than embrace the beauty.

I have since learned that perfection does not exist. We are given one body and one shot in this imperfect world. We are like a canvas, full of different paint, it is how we see that beauty on the canvas that matters.
When I left your studio after my photo reveal I cried like a baby in my car. As crazy as that sounds, I couldn’t believe that it was me in the photos.

You have changed the way I look at myself and have forever made an impact on me. Thank you! I l LOVE reading your other clients’ stories! You truly have made a difference in so many women.

I will be back in the future!

I don't know what I did in my past or current life to deserve such profoundly amazing women as clients, but I'm so grateful for them. Miss "K" was no exception. Her enthusiasm was amazing. She had all the concerns about herself and the shoot that all of my other clients have. We worked together to get past that and create a collection of images that left both her AND her husband smitten.