Embracing your journey as a woman | Miss K | Austin Boudoir Studio

Get your reading glasses, a cup of coffee, and maybe a tissue or two, because this post is going to be a doozy. 

Miss "K", like most of my other clients, didn't stop at just one boudoir shoot with me. I LOVE that my clients come back again and again for this experience. Our first shoot was nothing short of "holy.shit." and I wasn't sure how we would top it. But we totally did. 

Her transformation is such an inspiration to me. She has lost over 60 pounds and has shed her past laced with shame, abuse, self-pity, and sadness to become THE MOST AMAZING woman. She glows. Her personality shines into the room before she walks into it. She embraces her journey and knows that it has led her to this person she is now. You can't help but love this woman so, SO much. 

I want you to not only READ her words, but HEAR them. REALLY listen to them. She speaks so much truth, opens herself up to being vulnerable and accepting of her journey, and encourages all women to do the same. 

This is what she wrote on the day that she had her photo reveal at the studio:

"Today was one of those emotional roller coaster, super empowering, reflecting on myself and how far I've come kinda days!!

To me these pictures represents A LOT!

Behind those blue eyes there has been pain, abuse, debt, divorce, untruths, shame, fear, disgust, self pity, etc... I use to live with so much hurt and anger in my heart! Angry at myself for not being better than I was... Angry for not being perfect and having the perfect life and the perfect body! I was angry for always allowing myself to be in a hole and never finding the strength to climb out.... I was complacent!

I didn't wake up 60 pounds lighter with a complete mindset turnaround.... It was a journey... a totally kick ass, confidence building, character building, learning to self-love journey! And I would do it again and again and again! I would go through every curveball, tear, setback and moment of uncertainty to get to where I'm at today!

I am strong, I am sexy, wanted and loved. I have courage and feel proud of the woman I've shaped in to! I am not defined by my past or the haters who like to talk mad shit. 🏻"

"I have fierce passion and determination... And I want to encourage women everywhere to starting seeing their full potential from the inside - out! Love your own heart, body, mind and soul. Be thankful for waking up everyday and being given the opportunity to live your life to your best potential. Be blessed and grateful for what you do have. Be mindful and open minded to the possibilities you have in front of you!

Like 99% of the people on this planet, I'm sure you've faced doors that have closed... Don't take that as a hint to give up... Take that as a queue that you have a million other doors to start knocking down!

BELIEVE! Have faith and put on your big girl panties every single damn day!"


"I didn't always know I had the strength to make it through my journey... but once I started, I learned how STRONG and capable I truly am!

I am not just talking about my weight loss journey -- but the journey of finding myself and overcoming so many setbacks and challenges. I didn't know I would become the woman I am today... I didn't know I would be PROUD of who I am and not regretful of my past, because it has shaped me today -- even the bad and ugly!

Embrace your journey -- accept where you are at today is exactly where you need to be to move upward and onward! Do not be ashamed and feel guilty, but know that YOU are in complete control. Love yourself enough to push through whatever trials you are facing today -- do not give up!

Thank you, Kara Marie, for capturing my strength!"

I am so grateful that Miss "K" chose to celebrate herself and her journey with another boudoir shoot with me, and also that she chose to share her experience and story with you. 

I asked her if she would be willing to have her photo reveal captured by filmmakers Eugene + Heather Brown who were in town from Nashville last weekend to film my new promo video. She enthusiastically agreed and her photo reveal truly was a day that I will never ever forget. We cried, we looked through the images several times in awe, we hugged, and there was some shaking and jumping up and down involved, too. 

Be sure to follow along with Eugene+Heather to see behind-the-scenes action and to be the first to see the promo video and Miss "K"'s reaction to her images when it's released by clicking HERE.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Miss "K" for being so amazing, for sharing, and for being such an inspiration to me and EVERY woman she comes into contact with. 


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