We've grown up | Kara Marie Boudoir | Austin Boudoir Photographer

Over 8 years ago, I was sitting at my desk at my last "real" job. I had just learned how to use my first "real" camera and take "real" photos (or so I thought). I was shamelessly daydreaming while on the clock about my photography business that I decided I wanted to start approximately 3 days prior. You know...because I had to really take my time to make sure that was what I wanted to do. 

I brainstormed and scribbled down about 50 different potential business names on company post-its. The last thing that my pen scribbled that day was "Click Chick". YES. That was it! I ran the name past my husband, who approved, and then marched down to the County Clerk's office to file my DBA the very next day. Shortly after I left that "real" job and never looked back. 

You see, I do just about everything impulsively. 

I created my new website, a Facebook page, ordered business cards, and filled my calendar with photo shoots. I didn't wait until I was ready to be in business, I was just....open for business. 

The "Click Chick" name matched my brand at that time. Fun, quirky, and dare I say...amateur. 

Over the years I've grown to feel more and more conflicted about carrying that name for my business. It started to drift further and further away from the image that I felt my brand otherwise emitted.  It felt immature, insecure, and novice. I thought about changing it countless times, but was concerned that it was too far into the game to do so. 

Then I finally realized, given my *hopeful* business lifespan, 8 years is just a blip on the radar. This was one of the first decisions that I WASN'T impulsive about. But now, we're ready.

This brand has grown SO tremendously since it was born and I am so completely proud of it. We are ready to grow up and have a "big girl" name. 



Going forward, we will now be "Kara Marie Boudoir". Phew!!! You have NO idea how freaked out I've been about this change, mostly just thinking about all of the paperwork, every account I'd have to change, all the website pages I'd have to update, not to mention all of the branded marketing materials.  ALAS, it's done!

Thank you all SO much for your support along the way, for reading my blogs, for booking your shoots with me and for sending me your referrals. It is because of ALL OF YOU that this brand and business has grown into all it is.   

Please stay tuned for the reveal of the most awesome promo video I could ever possibly dream up!