More than CUTE | Austin Boudoir Photographer

Miss "H" said she was used to being the "cute" one. She's petite and lean. She didn't think she had curves.  You can tell me after looking through this set of images if she looks CUTE or if she looks like a smokin' hot grown woman. 

We bonded over amber oil and artsy images. Miss H was incredible to work with. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and, although married, she was doing this for herself. 

I'm so in love with the photos that we created together. 

Miss "H" said:

"That was ridiculously fun! I felt completely comfortable the whole time, and actually left feeling more confident than when I came in! And I *may* have tried to recreate at least one photo at home because I was so anxious to see it"

"I have curves that I never knew existed! I'm petite, so I've always been the 'cute' one, but the shoot really made me feel like a super model."

My husband’s comment- ‘choosing just one of these [photos] is like choosing a favorite bag of a million dollars!’

Cuteness be gone! Miss "H" 100% WOMAN!!! xoxo