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This gem....THIS gem of a woman! We had been in "talks" about a boudoir experience for quite some time. Eventually, Miss S finally pulled the trigger before her wedding as a gift to her new husband and herself. She had such a cool demeanor about her. I loved that she wanted to go with a Brigitte Bardot-esque hair and makeup style. It suited her beautifully. 


"Completely, totally, 100% one of the best experiences of my life! I left already thinking about what to wear (OR NOT) for my next shoot. Kara makes you want to take your clothes off...for real!"

This comment made me chuckle big time!!  100% of my clients are nervous about their boudoir experience. At first.  Their nerves are usually settled a bit during the makeup. But then I take over. And I REAAALLLY take over. There isn't much of a chance for you to feel unsure about what you're doing. Because I tell you EXACTLY what I want you to do. And I show you. And all you really have to do is be here with me, and follow along! 

Within the first 10 clicks of my shutter, I witness my clients transition from deer in headlights to a state of relief, and soon after, to a woman who is having SO much fun and is SO at ease that she forgets that she's not wearing much. Truly. Not an exaggeration. 

I know that you probably have a hard time standing in front of the mirror naked and REALLY taking a good look at yourself. I know that you cringe every time you lean forward and see what gravity does to your boobs and belly. I know that, because I experience it myself. And I know that most of my clients do as well. We're women, and unfortunately that's pretty typical for us. 

However, what I want you to know is that I take all of this into consideration. Even if I don't see the flaws on your body that you do, I know that the insecurities exist. I don't write them off as my client just being "blinded by insecurities." 

But guess WHAT?! I am really good at this.  I don't do a lot of tooting of my own horn, but I know that first and foremost I am REALLY good at making people feel comfortable. Really comfortable. Like "Oh? I can't just walk out of the studio in my birthday suit?" comfortable.  Second to that, I understand women's bodies and their insecurities. I know how to pose women of all shapes and sizes. I know how to use light strategically to make you look your absolute best. 

So when Miss "S" says "Kara makes you want to take your clothes off!", I take that as the highest form of flattery...because I know how difficult it can be for a woman to just take her clothes off. Let alone in front of a stranger WITH a camera. 

Just know that I'm not a stranger. From the second you send me the first e-mail that starts with "I can't believe I'm finally emailing you about this....", we are friends.

"I was shocked at how at ease I felt from beginning to end, and how easy she made it to look/feel like a total babe. I honestly didn't believe the woman in the photos was me! Super hot!!"

"I want to show everyone!!! Even though they're a gift for the (future) hubs. I want to print giant photos of myself and hang them all over the house for everyone to see. I'm soooo proud!"

**Note from Kara: A common side effect of a boudoir experience with me = lots and lots of gorgeous wall art!

Thank you to Miss S for being a firecracker during her photo session, and for allowing me to share her photos and her testimony with the world. 

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