The pictures are the sprinkles | Austin Boudoir Studio

After she travelled across the country just to have this photo shoot experience, I listened to her share a bit about her life as she sat in the makeup chair. This woman has had one hell of a series of obstacles thrown her way. She's taken one hit after another after another after another. 

We continued to chat throughout her boudoir shoot, and it reiterated to me, yet again, exactly why it is that being able to do something for yourself and SEE yourself the way others do, is SO damn important. She NEEDED this. 

Because she was in from out of town and she was my last client of the day, we got to spend a little extra time together in Austin. We had some dinner and drinks over conversation that gave me chills.  I am so delighted that I had the opportunity to meet Miss "M", capture her in a way that even she...her harshest critic...could appreciate and admire. 

She left feeling lighter and happier and more confident. And that's the best experience I could ask for!

Read her thoughts:

An experience that every woman needs to have at least once in her life time.

"From hair and makeup to the actual shoot - it was amazing!! Professional yet laid-back. I knew I was in good hands from the big hello and hug when I got there. I felt awkward at first but then was comfortable really fast. Kara showing me how to get in the poses and directing everything I needed to do made it sooooo easy.  It's a good-for the-soul-experience"

"Being pampered with hair and makeup while sipping a glass of champagne and then having a personal photo shoot was the "cake" in my life.…. The whole experience while being there and making me look at myself in a new light and feel like I got 'it' back (whatever the 'it' was I needed) was my icing on the cake. The pictures….. the pictures are the whipped cream infused inside the cake and the sprinkles and stuff on top!! "

"I came into this nervous as all hell, thinking I can't look good being posed like that, I can't look sexy, I don't like this, and that, and this about my body……. I walked out of there that day feeling like a total badass hottie and felt good about MYSELF again. I hear so many positives about myself from my husband and my kids tell me how pretty or beautiful I am VERY often…. but the negative thoughts in my head of an abusive relationship festered none the less. I had been through so much "crap" that I needed something to get my "it" back, to make me feel like I was ME again.

Kara's comments throughout the shoot of "oh wow, your eyes look soooo blue and gorgeous" or "oooo i like your hip bones!" (Who likes HIP bones?! haha but I went with it - hey! it was a compliment i've never heard before) made me feel so beautiful. "

I left with a whole new confidence just from the photo shoot! I finally felt good about ME again and all the negative thoughts went out the window! - THAT was worth the money and then some JUST for that!!!

"Then the pictures come - and the tears came, and more tears came… tears of utter amazement that I looked that good!!! I was staring at the confident, beautiful, self-loving woman that was buried in negative thoughts for so long. I stared at the pictures over and over, wondering how I ever thought that low of myself. There are things I'd love to change about the way I look (hey, don't we all) but I got to see myself as beautiful for the first time in a LONG time. Beautiful like my family tells me - and those hip bones?! YEP!! They are preeettyy good looking if I don't say so myself! ;)"


Yep, yep. That's it! That's what it's all about. The PICTURES are the sprinkles. The pictures are important...but it's the experience along the way that almost every single woman on this planet needs and deserves for herself. The morale boost is incredible and priceless. Please stop putting it off because you are worried about your "flaws". Let me show you. 

THANK YOU to Miss M for traveling all this way to hang out with me for the day, for sharing your story with me, and for trusting me with this experience!!!!!