The Best Year Ever | 2017 Recap

Every time I write one of these "It's the end of the year, holy shit" blogs, I am blown away by how much I crammed into one year, and stoked about having the "Best Ever Year of Kara Marie Boudoir".  2017 was another record breaking and fulfilling year of business and I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you who follows along regularly, trusts me with their boudoir experiences, and tolerates my annoying Instastories. 

It's this week every year that I spend looking back at the year's body of work, blog posts, and thousands and thousands of photos. I am so grateful for the abundance of business, blessings, and beauties that surrounded me in 2017. 






+Photographed 384 Women

+Coached + Mentored 13 Boudoir Photographers

+Attended 3 photo conferences

+ Composed 10,695 emails (whaaaaaaa???)


2017 Travels to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Miami (Lots of warm and tropical surroundings, apparently!)


It was a year of awards and I feel extremely honored and....well...baffled quite honestly! There's been several print magazine features, a few Huff Post articles, individual image awards, and the 2017 Boudoir Photographer of the Year from AIBP to cap it all off.  I have this problem where I downplay a lot of "accomplishments" as I am truly always aspiring to fulfill my potential which is still a long road in the future. But recapping on 2017 I can actually look back at the year and be proud of what I've built, even if there are 1000 things I would change, I know that I  I have a long way to go, but am proud of where I am. THANK YOU to all of the publications, mentions, reposts, and cheerleaders giving me encouragement along the way!!! <3  I plan to put myself out there even more in the photography industry in 2018 and really fine tune my craft as much as I possibly can. 


I'm not much of a "resolutions" girl. I think it's just the word itself that's lost it's meaning because of all of the empty promises attached to it. I AM a goal-setter, and more importantly, a goal-ACHIEVER. So while you're not going to get a whole slew of big dreams that I will likely not fulfill, I'll go ahead and list out all of the plans that are already in motion for 2018, and I will continue to work my ass off towards them. 

In 2018, I will be...

+MAKING A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT. 2 days. I've been chickening out big time on this one that's been in the works for 3 years. I pulled it off in September and have yet to fill y'all in on my little secret. Stay tuned.

+TRAVELING A TON. There has been so much time spent wishing that I would have traveled more before having kids, or before my career became so demanding. About 6 months ago I made a promise with myself and my husband to make 2018 a year of experiencing things I've always wanted to see.  We'll be working out of Europe for the summer of 2018 ([Santorini|Mykonos|Athens]Greece, [Naples, Florence, Venice, Milan, Almalfi Coast, Rome] Italy, [Paris, Nice] France), and I also have several other photography related travels occurring (Los Angeles, New York, and Boulder CO. 

+Slowing down. I have this little problem that involves seeing a blank spot in my calendar jumping at the chance to fill it if someone asks. That resulted in a 2017 full of being FULL. Too full. Client experience is my TOP PRIORITY in my business. It's what this has all been built on. I still delivered on this in 2017, however it became a lot more difficult to do when I was sometimes taking as many as 15 appointments a week. I am continuing to remind myself that this is a SMALL BUSINESS, and to keep it as top-notch as it's always been, I need to learn to stick to my pre-determined number of appointments a week, and politely decline on any additional. It's in the best interest of my clients, and in the best interest of my creativity and mental health (which is also in the best interest of my clients). 

THAT SAID, My 2018 is already over 75% booked (HOLY.CRAP.), and I will be increasing prices a pinch and saying "I'm so very sorry that I can't accommodate you" a little more. As much as those words pain me,it is worth it to keep the ultimate client experience 100% intact and even improving as time goes on! No burn out for me!

+Beefing up my boudoir photographer education offerings. As per the previous bullet point, I *do* need to slow things down a bit. That will mean taking on fewer boudoir mentorships. I believe in giving photographers a REALLY thorough and customized experience when it comes to their business coaching, so I will continue to limit these to a manageable level for me so that I can over-deliver to my "students". HOWEVER-- the great news is, I will be really beefing up on my educational guides for photographers and other small business owners!!! 

By the end of the 1st quarter, there will be a really beefy library of educational offerings on my website for purchase for photographers! I'm in the final stages of fine-tuning now, it's been a TON of really really hard work, and I'm really excited to release all of it soon to continue to help photographers and other small business owners market their companies, grow in their craft, and deliver impeccable customer service. 

+EDUCATING THE $%&@! OUT OF MYSELF. I always say that my biggest's not anything having to do with my appearance. The thing I wish I could change the most about myself is my intelligence.  LUCKILY----that's something I can change.

There is endless information out there, endless education, and endless possibilities for expanding my knowledge on just about any topic under the sun. I have ALWAYS been an advocate of continued education and will continue to study photography for as long as I'm shooting. It's so important to recognize that YOU DO NOT KNOW IT ALL. You don't. Even in the things you're an "expert" in. I recognize that (x100000), and am taking a very proactive approach to my education. I am already enrolled in several classes that will enhance my technical craft, and have about 60 books on my "to read" list to work on becoming a more self-aware, enlightened, happy individual. Like the last 3 years, this next year will be a year of learning new things. 


+GIVING MORE TO MY CLIENTS. I'm always looking for new ways to make my clients feel extra special. From helping them with their bags into the studio, to customizing a welcome sign for each of them, to following up with them years down the road to congratulate them on new life events....client relationships are really important to me. That's not just something I saySo, in 2018 I'll be fine tuning the client experience even more to give them alllll the warm and fuzzies. 


And now that all THAT'S out there, y'all can hold me accountable! 

FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, TRULY...GENUINELY...THANK YOU. Thank you for reading through this long and winding blog post, thank you for reading all/ANY of my blog posts. Thank you for every sweet comment, every word of encouragement, every Instagram "like". Thank you for trusting me with your boudoir experience. Thank you for being friendly and my friends. Thank you for all of your continued support over the last decade of making my passion a career. I love you all and cannot wait for another BEST.YEAR.EVER. 






Boudoir Makeup | Kara Marie Boudoir Studio

Every Kara Marie Boudoir experience includes professional makeup application with lashes...and for good reason. Nothing puts a damper on perfectly posed/lit/composed boudoir images like a bad makeup job. 

Does that mean when you do your own makeup, you're doing a bad job!? Nah. Well...maybe...but let's assume not, just for the sake of keeping it warm and fuzzy today. ;)

So why do we require professional makeup application for your boudoir shoot? 

Simply put, because I want the best possible outcome of your boudoir experience.  Every day makeup often doesn't translate on camera the way it looks in person.  Photo shoot makeup is slightly heavier, with a touch more contouring and highlighting to make your skin look amazing at every angle.  On top of THAT, my makeup artists (Kendall of Mayhem Beauty, and alllll the girls at Lola Beauty) know my natural light shoot style and how I prefer boudoir makeup to be and they.ROCK.IT.OUTTTT.   A professional makeup artist will take lighting, styling, your comfort level, and your face/feature shape into consideration when planning the perfect makeup look for you. 


How should you prepare to have your makeup done for your boudoir experience?

1. Consider your wardrobe/boudoir aesthetic. 

If the boudoir style you're most drawn to is natural nudes, rolling around in the sheets, cozied up with a would probably be a makeup mismatch to go vampy or super glam.  On the flip side if you are bringing a lot of leather and fishnet, a blacked out smoky eye would be killer.




If you're bringing a variety of boudoir wardrobe styles, we generally go with what we call "middle of the road" boudoir makeup. I know, I need to think of a sexier phrase for that. The middle ground is beautifully + lightly contoured and highlighted face with eye makeup that make your eyes really pop and stand out as the main attraction, with a lightly colored gloss. 






2. Find photo examples.

Because this experience is so customized to each client's personal style and personality, we make sure to educate and communicate along the way to ensure we're all on the same page.  If a client comes in and says "I usually wear a lot of makeup"...that can be translated in about 20 different ways depending on who you ask.  See, technically *I* wear a lot of makeup....but I am almost always in the no-makeup-makeup look. So what looks minimal could be considered "heavy" to some. And what looks really heavy to some, may be way less than you're used to. 

For all these reasons, photo examples are key! Each KMB client is asked to create a boudoir mood board so we can get a very quick visual on exactly the style each client is drawn to. I encourage my clients to visit my Boudoir Makeup board and pin a couple of makeup looks that speak to their style and desired heaviness. Then, when reviewing their board, I make sure that their makeup look compliments the wardrobe style they select. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 8.33.49 AM.png

3. Prep yo face. 

Not only do we ask clients to come in with a clean, makeup-free, moisturized face on the day of their boudoir experience, but we actually lay the foundation for amazing skin in the months/weeks leading up to the session. I encourage clients to drink TONS of water to ensure their face and skin on their entire body is hydrated.  We also have an amazing partnership with the Piazza Center for Advanced Skincare who offers my clients a complimentary face treatment a week before your session (you'll get details on this when you book your session!). 



So what's my favorite makeup look of the moment? 

I never want the timelessness of your boudoir photos to be compromised by any sort of fad makeup. For this reason, we don't go crazy on shaping/ombre brows, bold jewel tones on the eyes, or heavy contouring.  I keep the editing/processing of my images very classic and not overdone for the same reason. I don't want you to look at your photos from 2017 in 2050 and say "Wow. What was I thinking?!".  Keeping neutral colors and classic style makeup for your boudoir session will ensure you never think back to how dated your images are. 

All that said, my absolute FAVORITE boudoir makeup of the moment (but it's, like, a REALLY long moment, y'all.) is the no-makeup makeup look. Don't get me wrong, it takes Kendall or any of the other girls just as long to complete this look. It's still a full face of makeup. There's loads of steps that go into perfecting the skin from covering blemishes and under eye circles to subtle highlights in all the right places, and still applying a natural false lash to most clients, as lashes tend to get lost in photos. It looks amazing on EVERYONE and adds a REAL element to the finished product.  All of my personal favorite photos of me are the ones that I look like I wasn't trying too hard (or at all, really. Yet I totally was.).  The no-makeup-makeup look really translates well on just about everyone. 


Another favorite is a bold lip with simple eyes, which works well for those who are used to wearing lipstick (for those that aren't, this probably isn't the best time to try it out) and whose boudoir style/wardrobe warrants it. 



What about blemishes?

I don't believe, even for one second, that your blemishes define you as a person. For that reason, I do retouch out mild acne, acne scars, redness, and bruising. Telling you that probably won't stop the barrage of pre-shoot text messages from clients "Of COURSE I have a monster zit the day before my shoot!"...but it should give you some peace of mind ;) I got you, boo. No pimples will make it to your photo reveal appointment. 

So, what if I don't like my makeup?

Regardless of how talented our makeup artists are, or how much we communicate about makeup prior to your session, you very well may look in the mirror and see something so different than what you're used to.....and you may not like it!  We have a VERY, VERY, VERRRRY open communication policy about this!! Though it's never ever happened, I would absolutely prefer to start a face over than to have you not like your finished product because of your makeup. But generally if a client isn't instantly over-the-moon with her makeup, only a tiny tweak is needed to get her there. And we're happy to oblige!

We tend to always err on the side of caution with makeup application because we know just how much personal preference plays into your satisfaction with your makeup job. We tell our clients that we can always add more, or change anything they'd like, but that it's important that they are honest with us when they look in the mirror.

99% of our clients gasp with disbelief and start tearing up because they cannot believe how amazing they look!  We are often fanning away tears because we don't want it all to be ruined before we pick up the camera. A few others will request that our makeup artist makes a minor adjustment like adding a little more liner, or changing the lip color. EASY PEASY!  We are oh-so-happy to make tweaks to ensure our clients are completely satisfied! The bottom line is, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION! Don't worry about hurting our feelings, we want you to love the look!


We want you to look like YOU...just on your best day ever ;) I always tell my clients how picky I am, and if I'm letting a makeup artist work on your face, knowing how particular I am about my work, you KNOW she's damn good and I trust her. Your makeup isn't everything, but it plays a large role in your finished product, which is why I only want the best! 

So while you're pouring over Pinterest for wardrobe ideas and boudoir styles, don't forget to give makeup a moment in your planning process!


Special shout out to Kendall Koehler of Mayhem Beauty + the whole team at LoLa Beauty for keeping my clients looking fabulous and fabulously THEMSELVES for their boudoir experience!


It's not's personal | Austin Boudoir Studio

I tried to ride out the flood of New Year blog posts and really contemplate on mine (that, and give all my readers a chance to not be annoyed by so many New Year posts.) I'm not a New Year resolution girl.  It's now 2017, and I'm still the same girl that's making a giant pan of 5 cheese macaroni and cheese for lunch on January 2nd. 

I set my goals year round, I truly do. I set monthly goals for my business (which I'm really good at achieving), I set quarterly personal goals (THOSE sometimes...err...often fall behind...but I'm working on that), and I keep the most extensive and organized to-do list I've ever seen for every day tasks (though often forgetting to add things like "take a shower" and "work out").

One ongoing to-do list item I always keep at the top of my list is a reminder for me and it says "It's not's personal."  If you've been following me for a long time, you may remember that my old photography website had that phrase written at the bottom of every single page. 

Obviously, this *IS* in fact a business, and I do operate it as such on most levels. But the one facet of my business that isn't business is ME. It's my relationships with my clients. It's my passion for my work. It's my love affair with the stories that each client tells me.  It's how seriously I take each and every customer's review of my services. It's my dedication to making sure that every person has the warm and fuzzies about their experience. It's my desire to continue to do something for a living that I'm SO passionate about without majorly sacrificing my time with my family. 

KEEPING.IT.PERSONAL is the reason I don't have a (probably much needed) large staff of additional photographers, virtual assistants to answer my emails for me, a sales person doing my photo reveals, and someone else running my social media accounts.  It's the reason that sometimes I rock a messy top knot that contains far more dry shampoo than hair.  I have had to actively try to keep it small. And to be honest, it's outgrowing me. It's become bigger than I can handle on my own with just myself and an assistant.  But like any business, I need to continuously adapt, and I will strive to do so while 

While I most definitely have help, *I* am the only person that is fully invested in this business of mine. It's a part of me.  And in such an intimate line of work, I find it to be utterly important that you all get to know me. I want you to feel like you know me before you meet me. I want you to feel completely at ease, like you are working with an old friend.  I want to be the one to sit with you as you see your images for the first time and get all watery eyed. I want to be the one that gets more excited than you are to see your images blown up huge and hung on your wall.

Ok, ok, so maybe that makes me a wee bit selfish. But I genuinely feel the personal touch adds so much to the experience for my clients.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with not having a hands-on approach in many businesses. In fact, my apparel line Blonde Black and White is one that I dedicate about an hour a week to, I outsource just about every aspect. And my husband coincidentally just publicly announced yesterday that his fitness studio Heat Bootcamp is now officially a franchise.  There's most definitely a time and a place for expansion, but for Kara Marie Boudoir, that is not in the foreseeable future. 

Sometimes people will stop me in restaurants/grocery stores/coffee shops and say "HEY! I follow you on Instagram! I love your work!". I think "Who? ME!? You recognized ME!?!?!" *commence crawling into a hole in embarrassment and trying to remember what the last embarrassing thing I posted was...*  But then I realize that's a pretty awesome thing. I definitely put myself out there a little bit (lot bit) more than most other photographers. And I'm ok with fact that's very intentional for all the reasons I've already listed. 

So, in 2017, I want to officially pledge my commitment to KEEPING.IT.PERSONAL. 

Thank you all SO, SO much for the most incredible year KMB has seen. Thank you for keeping me booked. Thank you for referring your friends. Thank you for every single "like" and Instagram comment. Thank you for understanding my mission to helping women feel a way they haven't felt in a long time (or ever). Thank you for your grace when I go a month without blogging because I'm swamped with edits. Thank you to each and every woman who has trusted me with their boudoir experience. I don't take the privilege lightly. 





BOSSES + BREADWINNERS | Overcoming the double-standards

While I'll admit, the Kara Marie Boudoir blog is a pretty positive place to be. Lots of happy messages here in my peppy "written voice" can be found in juuuussst about every single post. 

And while today's message is still "YOU GO GIRL" (more than most, actually), it's a little less warm and fuzzy. With the thousands of readers following along, why not use this platform to speak up against things that are just...well...fucked up. 

Allow me to preface the message with a very real example:

I live a pretty modest lifestyle. Comfortable, but modest. My husband and I both own our own businesses. We both work crazy hours and have go-get-'em attitudes. We contribute relatively equally to our bank accounts (obviously one is always going to be making more than the other...and that's flip-flopped a lot throughout our relationship). He cooks and does the grocery shopping. I handle school drop-offs and whine about folding the laundry. We are career people AND parents. It's not the right way or the only way, but it's the way that works best for US and keeps our family the happiest.

We are equals.

Sadly, much of society that doesn't know us very well still raises their eyebrow at our lifestyle. They ASSUME that I do all the cooking and cleaning and parenting. They ASSUME that he makes all the money and my business is just a glorified hobby.  I'm reminded of this preconceived notion of what "a woman's place is" quite often, by someone super ignorant. 

One such ignorant person: a first-class-seated business man....sitting in the seat directly BESIDE me. Yeah yeah, he had the window. So I suppose it could be argued that he was sitting in a better seat. When actually I CHOSE the aisle because I get a bit claustrophobic on planes...but I digress.

He was sitting beside me in first class.  I was not wearing a business suit because, well, I'm an artist, damnit. We got settled into our seats and I promptly ordered myself a Woodford Reserve on the rocks (You're assuming it's to ease plane nerves...but I just like bourbon, damnit.) which left him with a surprised expression so big I could see it out of my peripheral vision. 


"Are you traveling alone today?" He asks.    

"On this big ol' plane ALL BY MY LITTLE OL' SELF!?!?!  What I wanted to say, but didn't. 

I just nodded and smiled. 

Next question out of his mouth about 30 minutes later, I swear to God, I must have been FUSHIA (I would say BRIGHT RED, but I'm a girl, so clearly it has to be a shade of pink.): "So, what does your husband do?"

Seriously? My husband must have been such a saint to send his little housewife on a trip, and FIRST CLASS, nonetheless, while he slaved away at work to fund my shopping and vacationing habits, right? Because that's the only possible explanation for a young woman to be flying first class alone? 

"He works." I said, with a smile.

"Do you have kids?" He thinks he's trying to be polite...but his message here is so completely condescending that I was about to go back to coach "where I belonged". 

Me: "Yes. We have 2 boys."

Asshole: "AH! Boys! I bet that's a handful for you."

Me: "Yeah, well, it's a handful for both of us. We keep things pretty equal. And they're great kids."

Asshole: "That's really cool of him to help out with the kids."

Me: "They're his kids too...."

Asshole: "Oh, yeah, but you know what I mean. I always wish I would have helped my wife out around the house and with the kids and stuff more so she could have had some girl time or (as he hand-gestured towards me) took a girl's trip or something."

Me: *slugs some bourbon*

Asshole: "I bet it's nice to get away for a little bit!"

Me: "I'm actually on a business trip...though I love what I do, I'm traveling for work and not 'just for fun'". 

Asshole: "OH. Wow. That's great. So who has the kids?"...

....and this exchange went on for approximately 3 more infuriating minutes before I plugged my Hello Kitty headphones into my bedazzled iPhone and listened to some angry feminist music whilst doodling in my diary.

It's not just old-school men though. It's women too.  It's the media. It's the magazines. It's sometimes even OURSELVES. We've got all these voices telling us that our job is to be pretty, take care of the kids, and slave over the house.  

And I'm calling bullshit. 

We can be artists. We can be truck drivers. We can be moms. We can be childless. We can be married. We can be single. We can love whomever we want. We can be BOSSES and breadwinners. AND WE CAN BE ON TWENTY DOLLAR BILLS, DAMNIT!

It shocks me that this argument even has to be had these days. But alas, here I am, explaining to moms of my son's classmates after getting lots of resistance, that, no, I cannot meet for "mom's day" every Tuesday after school drop off because I'm working....and THAT IS OK.  Just like sipping coffee with other stay-at-home moms is OK...just don't chastise someone for doing it differently...and certainly don't think that YOUR way is the RIGHT way. 

This video came across my Facebook feed today, and, although it's ultimately selling a hair product, it resonated big time with me. And it should with you too. Time to stand up, speak out, and shine (and I don't just mean your hair.)

So go be whatever the hell you want to be. Female or male. Regardless of what the "norm" is.  If you want to be a stay at home mom....better you than me, girl. If you want to be a stay at home dad-- HELL YES. We need more of you. If you want to be a career man or woman, DOOO IT.

And try to be a bigger person than me when you come across those ignorant people. Let's educate them rather than wishing them ill. I'm still working on that.  ;)

And if you're a woman who wants to be more but has a hard time finding her self-worth, let's chat. 





She kicked cancer's ass | Cocktails + Curiosity Event Recap

Last week, I had the honor of being a part of the Cocktails + Curiosity event hosted by the Piazza Center for Plastic Surgery and benefitting the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas. Held for the third year in a row, this swanky-pants cocktail party at the Terrace Club in Dripping Springs really blew me away. 

Last month, I had the pleasure of working with Lora...a breast cancer ass-kicker-survivor who was introduced to me by the Piazza Center. We wanted to create wall-art that really captured her journey through photos.  If you missed the first blog on this, check it out HERE.

When creating the art for the event, it quickly became clear that one single image just wasn't going to cut it.

How could one image represent the roller coaster of emotion that someone experiences when fighting cancer?  I ultimately decided on the three images you see below.

The first, representing a newfound wisdom and confidence. The second, clearly representing the sadness and remembrance of all that occurred, and the final representing her joy and spitfire attitude that I'm guessing she's had all her life, but was fueled when she kicked cancer's ass.  


And a few more from her shoot:

We were too wrapped up in the event to take "real" photos, but here's a few iPhone snapshots! (BAD, photographers, BAD!!!)

Lora in front of her display

Thank you SO much to the Piazza Center for including me in this event, to the Breast Cancer Resource Center of TX for all you do to help those affected by breast cancer, and mostly to Lora for trusting me with this photo experience and for being another inspiring badass to enter my life through my work.  

I've Been Sneaky | Visual Content Creation + Creative Commercial Photography

I have a confession to make. I've been sneaky. 

Over the years I've had countless proposals from my business-owning friends to "pretty please with a cherry on top overhaul my branding!?! PLEEEAASSEEE?!".  I've been oh-so-silently creating visual content for them for years. 

It all came about as organically as that....helping brands I already love by throwing a pretty styled picture or two their way.

And then the demand grew. 


I was having so much fun with it!  When asked what my hobbies are, I always hesitate to say "Instagram". I freaking LOVE Instagram. I love the idea of being able to scroll through nothing but pretty images. 

So many brands rely  heavily on social media to sell their products and services, yet so few of them actually have the content to engage their audience.


Soon, several way-bigger-than-me brands were contacting me asking permission to use my visual content on their social media platforms.  

Enter visual content creation services

In order to keep up with my #1 passion-  beauty + boudoir photography for awesome women, I can only accept a very limited number of monthly product stylings, and those that I do accept will be a great fit for my photographic style and aesthetic.

If you own a business anywhere in the world and you have a hard time coming up with regular content to post on your social media accounts/blog/website, we may be able to arrange something to keep the photos-a-flowing ;) Check out the visual content creation page  <<<HERE>>> for more information and to reach out to have me photograph your goodies. 

Kara Marie Boudoir is HIRING | Austin Tx Help Wanted

Ohhh heyyy! You there! You super friendly, awesome, hard-working, creative minded grammar-fiend, you! I'm looking for a new boudoir retoucher and studio assistant as mine is fleeing the country (I didn't scare her away, promise!)



This part-time position involves flexible hours in our south Austin studio. Candidates should be self-motivated, efficient, tech-savvy, super friendly and positive, enthusiastic (but not before 8am), organized, female, and have a passion for making women feel on top of the world. ✔✔

Candidates should NOT be photographers, based outside of Austin, mean, grumpy, lazy, confused by you're/your, or allergic to coffee.

Basic photoshop knowledge is a HUGE bonus, but if you lack that knowledge, it's not a deal breaker. Extensive retouching training will be given regardless, as well as assistant training. If this sounds like YOU, shoot me an email at ! I want to hear all about you (you can spare me the fluffed up resumes!) and why you would be a perfect fit for Kara Marie Boudoir!

Cheers, dahhlings!


Kara Marie

Giving Murphy's Law the Middle Finger | Austin Boudoir Studio

Guys. The month of March was reeeeeeeeeee-diculous. I had every hand-grenade in the history of hand-grenades thrown at me. I'm not much of a complainer, certainly not on social media. And YESSSS things can always be worse. DEFINITELY. 

My April has started off with a bang (not the hand-grenade type. More of the pretty firework variety) with really great luck, incredible clients, business growth, personal victories, and yes, pretty weather! SO now that things seem to be on the up-swing, I can officially look back at my March and laugh about it....and, of course, share it all with you!

A few weeks ago, we had a plumbing issue at our house and water began to flood several rooms on our first floor. I realized we didn't have any mops! Holy shit! Who doesn't have a MOP!?? Ohhhh, yeah. I almost forgot...I'm the least domestic person in the world and have to pay someone to come clean my house because I suck at it and have no time.  So yeah, no mop for me.  

As my husband was sopping up water with TOWELS (and failing miserably at it), I said "I'm going to Target to get mops and buckets and to see if our neighbors have a wet vac or something!". I flew out of the garage in a panic only to be met by my husband's car. And it wasn't like a "woops, I didn't cut the wheel enough so I scratched the side of your car" kind of was a "SHIT, I totally forgot your car was even parked there and I was in a panic and I slammed into it full force and now you can't even get into your driver's side door" kind of accident.  

So awesome. A flooded house and two wrecked cars.  Who hit's their own car!? This girl. The same girl that doesn't have a mop, apparently. 

Over the next week was a trickle of mini-disasters with the car insurance, the sewer issue that apparently needs to be fixed by the CITY (I'm sure *that* will happen in our lifetime), and major technology fails that left me feeling pretty defeated. 

BUT THEN APRIL CAME and I said "Murphy's Law can kiss my ass". And it was like the universe heard me and delivered me the most amazing first day of April. It was Click Chick Boudoir's BIRTHDAY (and how can you have a bad day on your birthday!? How!?), I had 3 amazing shoots, 2 amazing photo reveals with amazing clients, even a few amazing gifts sent to my studio from clients that made me feel OH SO SPECIAL. A girl likes to feel special, you know!

So my bad luck streak is officially over, I've decided.  Not going to let it get me down.  THIS APRIL IS OFFICIALLY THE BUSIEST MONTH IN THE HISTORY OF CLICK CHICK BOUDOIR.  That's crazy to me, but SO awesome and inspiring.

It means that more women are seeing the value in seeing the value in themselves.  

Whoah. Deep. 

I am so in love with the way the boudoir industry has blossomed, how my list of over-the-moon-happy clients continues to grow, and how my ladies are feeling on TOP OF THE WORLD when the leave my studio.

I must admit when I first got into shooting boudoir that I didn't believe that I was bettering the world with my work!  I'm embarrassed to say that years ago it WAS just about a sexy photo.  The more I heard from my clients about their experience and what it meant for them, the more I started to see how powerful this type of imagery is. And now, I NEVER look at my images and think it's just a pretty picture. I think of each woman's story. I think of how these images have changed her. I think of how they have changed ME. 

This is powerful shit, y'all. 

(Also, I say shit a case you haven't noticed. #favoriteword)

SO ANYWAYS, this is my public decree that I am giving Murphy's Law the middle finger and making my own "luck".  Even when things are going a little shitty, I shall remember that I am pretty freaking "lucky". 


BOUDOIR FAQ's | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

With Valetine's Day just around the corner, my inbox is being flooded with questions about boudoir!! I thought I would go ahead and re-post some FAQ's that might help field all of your questions!! As boudoir is a newer form of photography and is so personal, you are bound to have lots of questions! I will address the most frequently asked questions here, but if you don’t see your answer, PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask!

{Q:} I am NOT a model! Is boudoir really for me?!

{A:} Short answer…YES! Boudoir photography is for EVERY type of woman of all shapes, sizes, and martial statuses. I do not have a “typical client”. My clients are divorcees, fiances, mothers, wives, thin, voluptuous, extra curvy, boyish, feminine, doctors, waitresses, and everything in between! I will work closely with you to play up your favorite features and camoflauge your insecurites because, let’s be real, we’re ALL real people! We ALL have insecurities and what we consider to be flaws. I pride myself on being able to work with all types and create fabulous results regardless of the client by means of strategic poses and paying special attention to each client’s favorite and least favorite features!


{Q:} Where will my boudoir session take place?

{A:} Most clients choose to have their photo session take place in their bedroom…after all, that IS the best setting for these gorgeous images. It is not neccessary to have a glamorous, luxurious bedroom at all for these photos! As long as you’ve got a bed, your room is de-cluttered, and some window light, I can and WILL work with it!  Some clients also choose to rent out a hotel suite for the session!  In fact, our most popular package INCLUDES the hotel suite for the duration of your session!

{Q:} What should I wear?

{A:} This is probably the most popular question I get….and the answer is simple…whatever you feel sexy in! Most clients opt for some form of lingerie. A bra and panty set, corset, silk robe, nightie, stockings, your love’s favorite jersey or office attire, or nothing at all–whatever you opt for, it will turn out fabulous! Check with me prior to your session regarding how many outfits we will have time for to make sure we get a good variety of images for you!

{Q:} What else should I have with me?

{A:} Accessories such as pearls, hair fascinators, garter belts, and fishnet stockings are always welcome and add a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to your session. But the NUMBER ONE accessory is HEELS HEELS HEELS! Bring a few different pairs of hot shoes to show off your legs and rear and you won’t regret it!

{Q:} What should I do to prepare?

{A:} Good grooming is the number one preparation tip! Get all glammed up like you are going out for a night on the town!  Be sure to schedule your waxing appointments (if desired) at least 4 days prior to your session so you don’t have any unwanted bumps in your photos!  Also, an often overlooked detail is fingernails and toenails–nothing ruins a photograph like a big ol’ chip in your nail polish!  Also, skip the tanning beds! While everyone likes to have a little sun-kissed glow, it is easy for it to be taken a little too far which could hinder the overall quality of your final product. Instead, try a lotion with a SUBTLE shimmer like Tan-tilizer or Victoria’s Secret’s “Supermodel”. Don’t forget that one perfume…you know, the one that makes you feel extra sexy! Even though you won’t be able to smell it through your photographs…you’ll be able to FEEL it while you’re posing for them!  ALSO, while getting ready or having your hair and makeup done, be sure to remove all undergarmets and wear just a robe. That will give your skin a chance to even out all of those bra marks that might show up in your images.

{Q:} How much can you “edit out”?

{A:} This is a touchy subject, but I stick to my ethical beliefs on this one.  I do NOT shave off pounds, inches, or morph bodies during the editing process in any way, shape, or form! I rely on my strategic poses and angles to play down problem areas.  I WILL edit out minor blemishes skin flaws as well as simple things like under-eye circles and small scars. My main rule of thumb is, if it’s permanent, it stays. Tattoos included.  As far as stretch marks go, most women have them—and most of the time, my skin-smoothing editing technique will buff out most average stretch marks. Bottom line–I will work with what you’ve got and prove to you that you ARE BEAUTIFUL and these will be the best set of photos you have of yourself!

{Q:} What's the process after the photo shoot?

{A:} Typically within 24 hours I will email you 1 or 2 "teaser" images that are my favorite from your session--just so you know how incredible you looked! I will go through all of your images and eliminate the obvious "no's!" (everyone has them--blinks, blurs, unflattering expressions) so you don't even have to see them! I will then retouch the keepers, editing the things I mentioned in the above answer. Turnaround time for edited images is approximately 1 week for boudoir sessions.  I will then place your edited images in a password-protected online proofing gallery for you to discretely view and order anything you would like.  If your package came with a disc or digital downloads, you will also have those within 3 days of your gallery being published. I WILL NOT place your images on the website in any way shape or form unless you tell me that it is ok to do so! Some women say it's perfectly fine for me to share their images, some prefer only the ones that do not reveal their identity be published (no face), and some would rather not have any shared! I am completely compliant with your requests!!

If you have ANY other questions  that I did not address here, please email me! I am here to help!