It's All Happening | NYC Boudoir Session

"ALMOST FAMOUS" is my favorite movie. It's a combination of my love of music, the obsession with the lives of rock stars (from a distance!), and my biggest girl crush ever on Kate Hudson. Often when I quote this movie, I'm the only one in the room who gets it. I'll get to the point soon enough.

Compared to other photography niches, boudoir (while ever-growing), is one of the smaller groups of camera slingers. What I love about that is the tight-knit community of boudoir photographers that I have been able to network with over the last several years. Because, believe it or not, not EVERYONE understands the mind of someone who shoots half naked people for a living.

Agnes Fohn of Yellow Brick Collective in NYC is a photographer whose style is so, so different than mine, and SO utterly incredible. Her images are dripping with artistry and her personality is downright awesome. That must be why we get along so famously (we're both equally modest too! hahahaha). And she loves "ALMOST FAMOUS" as much as I do. And comments things like "It's all happening" often. So basically we're soulmates. When we established that I was going to be in NYC on a day that she had availability, we knew that we needed to make a shoot happen. 

What you're about to see is the result of 2 boudoir photographers getting together very early one fahhh-reeeeeezing (to me) NYC morning for a little bit of scantily clad fun.


Do you see that smirk!?!?! GAH! Love love love!  She is just the stunningest. 

And... just a little peak into what this crazy talented lady shot of me:

Shot by Agnes Fohn of Yellow Brick Collective, NYC.

Shot by Agnes Fohn of Yellow Brick Collective, NYC.


THANK YOU THANK YOU AGNES for your talent in front and behind the camera, thank you to Natalia Carrasco for totally perfecting Agnes' makeup for the shoot (and, apparently, doing a quick bang trim, too!).