She kicked cancer's ass | Cocktails + Curiosity Event Recap

Last week, I had the honor of being a part of the Cocktails + Curiosity event hosted by the Piazza Center for Plastic Surgery and benefitting the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas. Held for the third year in a row, this swanky-pants cocktail party at the Terrace Club in Dripping Springs really blew me away. 

Last month, I had the pleasure of working with Lora...a breast cancer ass-kicker-survivor who was introduced to me by the Piazza Center. We wanted to create wall-art that really captured her journey through photos.  If you missed the first blog on this, check it out HERE.

When creating the art for the event, it quickly became clear that one single image just wasn't going to cut it.

How could one image represent the roller coaster of emotion that someone experiences when fighting cancer?  I ultimately decided on the three images you see below.

The first, representing a newfound wisdom and confidence. The second, clearly representing the sadness and remembrance of all that occurred, and the final representing her joy and spitfire attitude that I'm guessing she's had all her life, but was fueled when she kicked cancer's ass.  


And a few more from her shoot:

We were too wrapped up in the event to take "real" photos, but here's a few iPhone snapshots! (BAD, photographers, BAD!!!)

Lora in front of her display

Thank you SO much to the Piazza Center for including me in this event, to the Breast Cancer Resource Center of TX for all you do to help those affected by breast cancer, and mostly to Lora for trusting me with this photo experience and for being another inspiring badass to enter my life through my work.  

You don't *have* to take your clothes off | Austin Beauty Photographer

It's probably no secret that I'm a fan of nudity. I think every woman should be able to rip her clothes off, whip them around her head, and have her photos taken confidently. (Note: I have not yet achieved such confidence myself...but I'm one step closer with each personal boudoir shoot I do).

Boudoir is my baby. It's my niche, my specialty. It's what I do 92% of the time. Yes. I did the math.

The *OTHER* 8% of the time is spent doing BEAUTY portraiture. So. What's the difference? 



While boudoir photography almost always involves a certain level of undress or nudity, it is also a little more raw, candid, unposed LOOKING (although we do pose you throughout the entire shoot!). Boudoir is meant to embrace a woman's sexuality, independence, femininity, and badassness. Because of the posing and the wardrobe, these images tend to be more intimate in nature. We do retouch all boudoir images for our clients with standard retouching techniques and the finished product is generally a variety of about 50-60 images with a natural retouch that include "detail" shots such as legs, tush, breasts, back, shoulders, collar bone, lips, as well as full bodyscapes and imagery that includes the face. 

Example of Kara Marie's BOUDOIR Photography. More intimate in nature, boudoir images embrace a woman's sexuality, femininity, and badassness in a certain level of undress. 

Example of Kara Marie's BOUDOIR Photography. More intimate in nature, boudoir images embrace a woman's sexuality, femininity, and badassness in a certain level of undress. 



Now, BEAUTY portraiture is a bit more polished...with a finished "fine art" look and feel. Beauty portraiture is a great option for a woman who wants a smaller collection of absolutely breathtaking portraits of herself that are wall-worthy. Our beauty portraits always containing the full face and have more "statement" wardrobe which can mean a ball gown, little black dress, lace bodysuit, fabric draping or even nudity. There are also more special effects such as fine art tectures and extensive retouching done on these images.  The finished product is generally a smaller collection (roughly 15-20) fully enhanced, wall (or Facebook profile pic)-ready images. 

Example of Beauty Portraiture by Kara Marie Boudoir. Beauty photos always contain the client's face, can be taken fully clothed, + are finished with a full retouch and a fine-art edit making it classic wall art.

Example of Beauty Portraiture by Kara Marie Boudoir. Beauty photos always contain the client's face, can be taken fully clothed, + are finished with a full retouch and a fine-art edit making it classic wall art.

Beauty portraiture also tends to appeal more to the may be a little less intimidating for a woman who is hesitant to bare it all for my camera (although I maintain that, regardless of your wardrobe or lack thereof, I *WILL* make you feel comfortable. Promise.)

These are images that you can gift to mom or grandma and they will gush over without instructing you to cover up your bits. 

They don't necessarily need to be taken in our studio, as you can see. These can be taken outdoors, in your own home, on the street, in a get my drift. 

So, if you do happen to be holding out on a boudoir session because you're just a little too intimidated by the idea, try a beauty shoot first! Even if you've already done a boudoir shoot or seven, a beauty shoot offers a whole different element of elegance and femininity. 

Well-behaved women | Austin Boudoir Studio


"Well-behaved women seldom make history." -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


Stand up, speak out, fight for everything you believe is right. Make your stance known. Do not let any man OR woman tell you what you should or should not be doing. You do you. Make mistakes and learn from them. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about them. Be compassionate and love with all of your might.

I'm coming out swinging today.

A Bridal Beauty | Austin Beauty Photographer

I've been sitting on these images for one month too long, y'all!  In preparation for her wedding (that was this weekend), Miriam got all dolled up in her wedding day attire for a bridal shoot with me at the Driskill Hotel.  

THAT DRESS coupled with THAT GIRL and THAT VENUE made for an exquisite set of photos!! 


Am I right!?

Congratulations to Miriam and Matt on their newlyweddedness!!! xoxo


Mommy Daughter Pajama Party | Austin Beauty Photographer

This season has been flooded with Mommy/Daughter beauty shoot bookings which makes me so so so happy. The only thing that could possibly make me happier is if someone did a pajama party mommy daughter shoot.  Thanks to Yanci, I am the HAPPIEST.   This gorgeous mother/daughter duo is no stranger to my camera...I've lost count of the number of times they've booked me (which ALSO makes me so so so happy! Love my loyal ladies!!!)...but this may have been the most fun session we've had!

Yanci knew that I've been crushing hard on black and whites lately, and she requested that we do a full shoot without a stitch of color. Be still my heart. 

And Rush.  OHHHHHH my darling, Rush. This girl was built to be in front of a you'll see... ;) 

Are they not the cutest of cute!?   I wish I possessed one tenth of the girly nature that little Rush does! I'm telling you, y'all...I didn't have to coerce her to do anything. She knew exactly what to do with that makeup!  She knew what she was and was not allowed to use, she knew to cap everything before putting it back in the bag, she knew to blot her lips after lipgloss.  She's TWO, y'all.  I want one. 


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Miss Monday on Monday | Austin Boudoir Studio

Just thought that Monday would be a fitting day to share a few images from Miss Monday's mini beauty shoot!  

If you are looking to get a beauty or boudoir shoot in before Christmas, NOW is the time! My schedule is rapidly filling up--don't miss your chance to feel as beautiful as you should!

Let's get you in front of my lens, shall we?

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A little bit of everything with Miss "W" | Austin Boudoir

When Miss "W" showed up for her boudoir session, she had a little bit of everything. She had some lingerie, a few dresses, a floral slip, a clubbin' outfit, an oversized shirt, cowboy boots, "stripper heels", and accessories. I knew this was about to be a fun and diverse shoot! It did not disappoint!  

When I first met Miss W about a year and a half ago, I was a new client of hers. She's the business owner of a local establishment that I frequent. We chatted about what I do and she mentioned she wanted to have a shoot! We talked a little more about it each time I came in. Eventually she pulled the trigger and booked. I'm pretty ecstatic that she did...aren't you!?

Isn't she just lovely?! We had so much fun and could have easily shot all day!  A giant high-five to Miss "W" for really rocking out her shoot! It was amazing how many images we were able to get in less than an hour! 

Yet another face well-done by my makeup artist, Lauren of Hint of Shimmer, too!! <3

Psst! Hey you! You've been thinking about it long enough. Time to pull the trigger! Let's chat about your shoot, dahhling!

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The lovely Miss "B" | Austin Boudoir Photographer

When I get MULTIPLE emails and texts from a client in the weeks leading up to her boudoir shoot oozing with excitement about their upcoming session, I KNOW it's going to be an amazing shoot!  Miss "B"'s enthusiasm was so apparent during her session. She TOTALLY brought it (along with my favorite chocolates. YESSS). She was completely in the moment. Her expressions were perfection. And she was such a laid back, goofy, free-spirit!  I got SO MANY amazing images of was nearly impossible to select some for the blog. Alas, I gave it a shot! Here are some of my favorites!!

(Note before scrolling further...there is some tasteful nudity in this set of images!!!) 

Gorgeous, right!?  I told Miss "B" that it's TOTALLY unfair that she's been blessed with such a rocking body when the rest of us (eh hem) have to PAY for such (eh hem) assets. ;) 


Makeup by the fabulous Lauren Davis of Hint of Shimmer.


Pssst! Hey you! Are you ready to book your boudoir shoot or what?! You know you've been thinking about it forever. Let's chat, dahhling!

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