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3 months ago I created my 3 year vision board. It's something I do on the regular for my business to decide where I want to be, and make it happen. I knew that with the growth of business, and the increasing difficulty of separating my home and work life with my office being in the loft of my house, I needed to make some changes. On that board was finding the perfect commercial natural light studio and office space.

Today, I picked up the key to the NEW and first official studio space for Click Chick Boudoir! Eee!



This space happens to be in one of the coolest buildings in Austin, Starlight Lofts on South 1st...78704 BABY!


Recent clients have already had the pleasure of shooting in one of these units- as I was renting one hourly from another studio. And now I have one to call my very own! 

Stained concrete floors, so much natural light I have to wear my sunglasses inside, amazing location, and a super cool bunch of neighbors. 



I'll be working very hard to get this baby ready for my August clients! To be completely honest, needs nothing! I would be ecstatic to shoot in the completely bare studio! But, of course, I am going to deck it out in true Click Chick style! 

I am so excited for what this new adventure brings and so proud of my sexy little company for doing it's thang!  


Who wants to be one of the firsts to shoot in our new studio?!! Hit me up, dahhling! 




Miss "V" in all her glory... | Austin Boudoir Photographer

You've definitely seen the "teasers" by now...Miss "V"'s photo shoot was insanely amazing. She totally rocked the lens, rocked her outfit (uhm...this floral kimono is to DIE for), rocked her tattoos, and made my day. Miss "V" just moved to Austin from California and I think this photo shoot was the PERFECT welcome for her, don't you??

Many of you may not believe it (especially the photographers who may be reading)...but I did VERRRY little editing on these images. I only sharpened, added a touch of contrast, and straightened the crop when necessary. I did absolutely NO skin retouching whatsoever. My "secret" is so simple , it's ridiculous. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know what that secret is...if you don't, then I'll just leave you in wonder :) 

Incredible, right!? Miss "V" was such a classic beauty. It was a pleasure to have her in front of my lens! 

Major props to my incredible makeup artist, Lauren Davis of Hint of Shimmer! 


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Give the gift of Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wowww | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

For the man who has everything (or even if he doesn't....)

I'm so super excited to announce these new packages JUST for Christmas & Valentine's Day....ESPECIALLY "theWORKS" which includes the sexiest of sexy new product--the Click Chick PEEP SHOW sexy viewing device.


Remember these things from childhood??? Well this version is not for the kiddos!!!   What an awesome (and slightly naughty-feeling) way to show off your sexy images to your love interest!!

Don't forget about the classic bedside book. It's got a hard cover, all of your favorite fully retouched boudoir images, a pearl lustre finish, and is the perfect nightstand companion!

I am SO excited for this busy round of boudoir and glamour sessions that are coming up for the holidays! It's my favorite time of year!!!  If you have any questions at all about boudoir, don't hesitate to e-mail me! I'm happy to answer and show you how this will be not only the best gift you've ever given, but also the best gift you could give YOURSELF!

For more examples of boudoir, browse through the blog, or take a peek at the web gallery on the Click Chick Images website! 

I can't wait to share this experience with you!


Kara Marie