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March is my favorite month! It's the month of my wedding anniversary, my youngest son's birthday, my favorite holiday (St. Patty's!! Holla!), AND my busiest month for boudoir parties! There is something that is SO insanely fun about getting together with a bunch of girlfriends, getting all dolled up, drinking some champagne, and being a total rockstar for a few hours while you have some amazing photos taken of yourself! Boudoir parties have become SO HUGE over the last couple of years. It's a fantastic opportunity to take the plunge into a boudoir shoot if you've always been too nervous because now you've got all of your friends right there with you with THEIR butts hanging out, too ;)  To commemorate the awesomeness that is MARCH, I'm offering a booking special! 


This is a fabulous idea for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthday bashes, mom's night out (in), or "just because" because clearly, you deserve it!

So here's how it works:

1. You gather your friends...typically the most successful parties have about 5 girls but you can have as many as 7 or as few as 3.  We work together to schedule a date for your booty bash. 

2. My makeup artist and I come to you on the day of your party complete with a sexy swag bag full of goodies for you and your friends to use during your shoot. 

3. Each girl gets a professional makeup application and a private mini photo shoot!

4. Receive an extra sexy rate for booking as a party! {Be sure to use the above coupon, too, for extra savings!!!}

These are SO much fun, y'all. Seriously. 

So the booking special above is valid as long as you book before the end of this month...your party simply needs to be scheduled by October 30th so you have plenty of time to coordinate your best girls' schedules! 

SO, are you ready for this, or what?!  Let's chat, girl!

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Click Chick relaunch + brand spanking new site! | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

It's here, it's here, it's REALLY HERE! I am SO over-the-moon excited for this!! 

 For YEARS I have been absolutely obsessed with boudoir photography. I adore it. I shoot it all the time. I live it. I breathe it.  If I could smother it on toast and eat it, I would.  Since the start of 2013, I have been gradually limiting the number of other types of photo shoots I've been taking on (weddings, engagements, and families, etc), and have really been focusing on narrowing my specialization.

As of TODAY, Click Chick Images is re-launching, re-directing, re-birthing into Click Chick Boudoir!!!  

I've decided that 2014 was the year to rebuild a website to exclusively showcase my beauty & boudoir work.  It's not just a blog anymore, and it's not just a small gallery on my website.  It's my bread and butter. I can tell you that I am an extremely impulsive the fact that I didn't jump into boudoir full-force years ago when I first discovered my passion for it really shows you how much time and thought I put into this change in direction. 


You know what I discovered as I progressed through year after year of photography business? I'm not good at everything. This may seem like an obvious statement, but to many photographers (like me at one time), being a one-stop-shop seems like a great idea! Weddings, engagements, families, corporate events, product photos, fashion, construction sites?? "YES, sure! I can do that!". Rookie mistake. But throughout the years of fine-tuning my skills and shooting literally EVERYTHING under the sun, I slowly discovered what I loved and what I loathed. I discovered what I was fantastic at, what I was *ok* at with a little extra work, and what I was horrible at.  I slowly uncovered my niche...and that is: WOMEN. I'm good at making women feel comfortable. I'm good at making women feel beautiful. I'm good at making women LOOK beautiful. I'm good at helping women discover their confidence.  Beauty and Boudoir photography is where it's at for me. The saying "Stick to what you're good at!" echoed in my head over and over for years.  I found that when I accepted a booking for something that wasn't my speciality, I was disappointed in my own work. It just didn't make sense for me to try to be something I wasn't. I am not a commercial photographer. I am not a family photographer.  I am not a corporate event photographer. 

Before I go too much further....I am going to tackle the question that everyone I let in on my little secret asked me with puppy dog eyes..." more WEDDINGS!?!???".   Here's the deal:  I still love weddings. I still have a full year of weddings on the books. I will still continue to give each and every client my 100% best, as always. I will still consider accepting a very, very limited number of bookings for past clients and referrals.  This is not the death of Click Chick Images. It's the re-birth :) It's the shift in specialization.

I want to concentrate on being the absolute BEST at one thing, rather than being pretty good at several.  


SO THERE YOU HAVE IT, y'all!! I am SO excited for all of the amazing things to come! I have so many big plans in the works that I could have never accomplished by spreading myself so thin. I cannot wait to continue to make women realize how awesome they really are.

Go ahead and browse through the new site...get acquainted ;) 

You can continue to follow my Facebook pages to see my upcoming wedding and engagement work.  You'll also notice that I will be posting a lot more boudoir-related content. However, I will let you know that I fully intend to keep my social media posts consistent with my brand and style of boudoir:  Classy, tasteful, and beautiful. Never trashy.  :)

Cheers, y'all!

~Kara Marie


P.S. To celebrate my new "COMING OUT", I am offering $100 OFF any boudoir booking in the month of February!  YESSSS!  



If you are interested in booking a beauty or boudoir shoot, simply fill out the form below and I will get back to you right away!

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Valentine's Boudoir! Ooh la la | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer


It's THAT time of year again, already ladies! Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  While I am a FIRM believer in doing boudoir photos for yourself, the special-someone in your life will appreciate it more than you know!  I don't typically offer promotions on boudoir packages...believe's worth every little penny...but this year I decided to give more ladies the experience that will forever boost their confidence!

So take advantage, y'all!!  Each boudoir experience includes professional makeup application, convenient and comfortable in-home photo shoot (we come to YOU!), image enhancement, and a guaranteed good time and confidence boost!


For full package and pricing details, email

To view more examples of  Boudoir photos, visit the Click Chick Images website!



Kara Marie