LOLA | Austin Boudoir Studio

Welp. I tried to think of all the things I could say about this session and this amazing woman...but I kept coming up speechless.  Truth is, as soon as I set my eyes on this girl, I KNEW that I had to photograph her. That's probably why she's a professional model + actress.  Her look is absolutely mesmerizing. 

Ari Dean robe from Underwear of Austin.

Ari Dean robe from Underwear of Austin.

What's more than that, though (I know what you're thinking...can there be MORE!?), is her glowing personality!  It was truly a pleasure to have this stunner in front of my camera! 

And that was just one outfit, guys. Her first look of the shoot!  

I STILL haven't even been through every image in the session because I keep getting ahead of myself and start processing images that are catching my eye (which is, like, all of them! Eep!)

Yes, Lola is a legit pro. But I never stopped viewing her as a CLIENT. Not as a model. Apparently that paid off, because Lola texted me after I sent her a few sneak peeks saying that she doesn't have ANY photos like the sneak peeks, and that they were truly "HER" and not "her playing model". I cannot tell you how fast my heart exploded after hearing that! My ultimate goal it to make everyone feel beautiful AND like THEMSELVES...just a little sexier! ;)   THANK YOU THANK YOU to Lola for gracing my studio with her presence this weekend. Cheers to many more!

I certainly cannot take sole credit for this awesome shoot! We had an AMAZING team of fabulousness!

Model: Lola Laymon

Hair + Makeup: Kendall of Mayhem Beauty

Wardrobe: Ari Dein Robe from UNDERWEAR

Photography: ME! Duh. ;)  Click Chick Boudoir

Miss O and her hypnotizing gaze | Austin Boudoir Studio


Seriously.  Y'all.  I had one of the most fun photo shoots of my career last week...which is a pretty bold statement to make, because all of my shoots are the "funnest".

Miss "O" rocked my socks off, completely NAILED her photo-slash-video shoot, and the photos we got are so freaking incredible. This is going to have a to be a two part (or maybe even three part) blog post. TODAY, you get the beauty in white...tomorrow we'll sass it up a bit. ;)

Before. Still cute as a button.

Before. Still cute as a button.

After. Wowza.

After. Wowza.


Such a classic beauty, this one! She was so natural and effortless in front of my lens.  I cannot WAIT to share Part II with you tomorrow! It's insanely insane in awesomeness. Be prepared. 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Kendall of Mayhem Beauty for rocking out Miss "O"s hair and makeup for this shoot, and for UNDERWEAR for the beautiful wardrobe. Va Va Voom.

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The lovely Miss "B" | Austin Boudoir Photographer

When I get MULTIPLE emails and texts from a client in the weeks leading up to her boudoir shoot oozing with excitement about their upcoming session, I KNOW it's going to be an amazing shoot!  Miss "B"'s enthusiasm was so apparent during her session. She TOTALLY brought it (along with my favorite chocolates. YESSS). She was completely in the moment. Her expressions were perfection. And she was such a laid back, goofy, free-spirit!  I got SO MANY amazing images of was nearly impossible to select some for the blog. Alas, I gave it a shot! Here are some of my favorites!!

(Note before scrolling further...there is some tasteful nudity in this set of images!!!) 

Gorgeous, right!?  I told Miss "B" that it's TOTALLY unfair that she's been blessed with such a rocking body when the rest of us (eh hem) have to PAY for such (eh hem) assets. ;) 


Makeup by the fabulous Lauren Davis of Hint of Shimmer.


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