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Sometimes, I have a hard time figuring out what to say. 

I know, I know, it's hard to believe. Especially if you've ever been in a room with me. 

But blogging is not always easy. I always have tons of images to share, but often hold onto them until something profound comes to mind to say with them. Sadly, my brain is not often inundated with profoundness ;) 

So I'm going to let someone else say it for me. It's a quote that I wrote down (and cannot for the life of me find a source for, just know it wasn't me who thought up such eloquent words) that resonated with me like crazy. And it also is a fabulous representation of the confident images in this blog post.

YES. This. Insecurity is the death of your true self. Be strong, be real, be honest, be confident. And if you can't do that on your own, I can help you. ;)

Thank you so much to Michelle Chevelle for rocking out this Urban Undercover content shoot-turned-photographer play time. 

Michelle Chevelle for Urban Undercover

Michelle Chevelle for Urban Undercover

Michelle Chevelle for Urban Undercover

Michelle Chevelle for Urban Undercover

Well-behaved women | Austin Boudoir Studio


"Well-behaved women seldom make history." -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


Stand up, speak out, fight for everything you believe is right. Make your stance known. Do not let any man OR woman tell you what you should or should not be doing. You do you. Make mistakes and learn from them. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about them. Be compassionate and love with all of your might.

I'm coming out swinging today.

The Darling Detail and the Darling behind it | Austin Beauty Photographer

Get ready for adorable chic overload! This darling is OOZING with put-togetherness. Seriously! Jessi Ashfin of The Darling Detail is an incredible fashion writer and style blogger located here in Austin. She's got a massive Instagram following for a reason...she's seriously darling. You can't scroll past one of her images without giving it the ol' double tap!

Floral arrangements by Margot Blair Floral. Subject and wardrobe styling: Jessi Ashfin of The Darling Detail.

Floral arrangements by Margot Blair Floral. Subject and wardrobe styling: Jessi Ashfin of The Darling Detail.

I was elated when Carly of Margot Blair Floral set up a shoot with me for Jessi and some incredible floral arrangements. Both of these ladies are insanely good at what they do and we had SUCH a fun shoot! 

Here's just a quick peek at what we came up with together...but PLEASE head on over to The Darling Detail for all of the awesomeness!


Major props goes to the amazing Carly of Margot Blair floral who whipped together these flower arrangements and orchestrated this shoot. Be sure to follow her on Instagram (@margotblair - you won't regret it!) and check out her Website.

And, of course to Jessi Ashfin of The Darling Detail for bringing her supermodel A-game to the session. Y'all...I actually felt guilty because I wasn't working harder! She made it such a breeze. Hit up her Instagram account ( @thedarlingdetail ) and her blog HERE.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go re-evaluate my wardrobe STAT!

Moody Muse | Austin Boudoir Photographer

This shoot holds a special place in my heart and I'm really excited to finally share it with you! 

Miss A, here is a photographer who lives across the country and she flew in to Austin for a little weekend away with her hubs, and to have her own boudoir experience with me!  She said she liked dark and moody, which was PERFECT because it just so happened to be a gloomy day in Austin (totally rare!).

We channelled that energy into our shoot and had a fabulous time. 

I know that when people come to a boudoir blog, their inclination is to scroll past all the text to get to the pictures. I'm a visual person, I get it.  BUT, each woman's story is SO important. The WHY is SO important. You need to know that these aren't just "I woke up like this" women who have nothing better to do than to look pretty and do photo shoots. These are women who bust their asses at life. They have their own insecurities just like you. They wear many hats and don't take enough time for themselves. 

So please take a moment to read Miss A's powerful words!!

"Buxom Shanghai.
That's my color.

I learned this incredibly helpful tidbit as I sat perched atop a barstool at Kara's photography studio in Austin, Texas just five minutes before baring it all for my very own boudoir photo shoot.

I needed Kara's eyes. I have incredibly jacked up self image and can be so very hard on myself. I don't practice what I preach to my own photography clients nearly enough. Don't be like me. It's silly.

Kara's make up artist, Kendall, had no hesitations while doing my make up and I had already vowed to trust her and Kara completely. So when she chose Buxom Shanghai for my lips... She knew what she was doing.

For Kara, she uses her passion for portraits, her strong intuition and completely on point male-like perspective to allow women to shine like the crazy diamonds they are."


"It might seem like playing dress up. It might look completely vain.
But these women make space for change and growth and acceptance. And it's downright kickass.

People like us might seem out of touch. Like we don't have real jobs because what we do is so incredibly fun. But make no mistake- the purpose is important, the work can be tedious and the results are undeniable. Passionate people always find a way to inspire others. It's why we exist.

For me, doing a boudoir session is a simple visual reminder to put down the self-doubt and stop playing small. The world doesn't benefit from my petty insecurities.

So, for those dreaming of a boudoir photoshoot ... Put down the boxing gloves and quit beating yourself up about the 10 lbs or the stretch marks or the "but I'm not....." fill in the blanks.

Ask yourself this - what's the worst thing that can happen? And what is the best? If a boost of lasting confidence sounds good to you - then book it right now.

Do not get me wrong - my husband is head over heels for these images; he adores them and me and that's wonderful. But as my Kara's blog headline says - "It's not about seducing men - it's about embracing womanhood" and that, my sisters is something worth celebrating."

THANK YOU, Miss A for trusting me with your boudoir experience, for allowing me to share your photos, and more importantly, for allowing me to share your words. 

If you're ready to celebrate yourself, let's chat, darling! 

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Whimsical Maternity | Austin Beauty Photographer

Let. there. be. TULLE!

Monti is a repeat client of mine...and those are my favorite kinds of clients :) When someone contacts me for round 2 (or three or FOUR!) it really gives me the warm and fuzzies!  You know what makes me warmer and fuzzier? When those clients say "I really want to do something creative, beautiful, and I want you to run with it! Let's book it!".   Monti and I met for coffee a couple months ago to catch up and chat about a maternity shoot. She had seen some of my beauty work and wanted to do something like that for her session. **CUE HAPPY DANCE**.  

Without me rambling on and on too much longer, I'll cut to the chase. I made my 11th whimsical glamour skirt last week as my family rolled their eyes at yet ANOTHER pile of tulle occupying our living room.  SO.WORTH.IT.  Monti proudly strutted around, all 7 months pregnant of her, with not a single complaint about the heat or the itchy tulle. And it was HOT, y'all. Check her out!

**Standing ovation!!!**

GO MONTI! I absolutely cannot flipping wait to lay my eyes on that baby! 


Hair by Nina of Urban Betty

Makeup by Lauren of Hint of Shimmer

Dress by yours truly.


Curious about my whimsical series? I'm happy to chat more with you about booking one! They're a little different than your typical boudoir or beauty shoot, but SO beautiful! How fabulous to have an art piece like this of yourself!? I want one. (Note to self: Figure out how to shoot own whimsical session...)

Hit me up, dahhling! Let's chat!

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