Classic Black + White Boudoir | Austin Boudoir Studio

It’s no secret that BLACK + WHITE is my baby. Processing boudoir images in black and white makes my heart sing and feels like the way it’s meant to be. Doesn’t it?

Miss M, here, was such a lovely client to work with. Much like the others, she was nervous, but trusting, and super excited to see the finished product.


"This experience was a B.L.A.S.T. I knew this was going to be fun but I didn't expect to love it as much as I did (clearly...I purchased round 2 within minutes!)." -Miss M

"A true professional and perfectionist in every way. Every piece was planned out from the prep to the shoot to the reveal; I cant tell you how impressive the details were. Cannot thank you enough for making this whole process so unbelievable and personalized!"

She was NOT kidding when she said she booked round 2 within minutes. During her photo reveal she said… “Would it be weird of me to get my next one scheduled right now???”. Obviously not. ;) Looking forward to working with her again as round 2 ALWAYS blows round 1 out of the water….and….like….how is that even going to be possible?! I have a feeling it’s going to blow both of our minds and I cannot wait!


Thank you, Miss M for trusting me with the process, with your kind words during and after, and for booking round 2 with me (is it TIME yet!?!?! Omg. HURRY!).


Photography: Kara Marie Boudoir

Hair and makeup: Mayhem Boutique Salon

Skipping Naked | Austin Boudoir Studio

The ultimate compliment from my clients about their experience is that, within a few minutes of shooting with me, they FORGOT they weren't wearing much/anything. FORGOT. Can you imagine?

If you're anything like me, you are VERY aware when you are scantily clad and there are eyeballs on you. 

Being a boudoir photographer involves far more than the technical side of photography. WAY more. In fact, I would say that technical savvy is my least valuable trait. Being able to make a woman feel beautiful and comfortable enough in her own skin that she can not only survive an hour of being photographed in the buff, but ENJOY it ANNNND look amazing doing it!? Yeah. I'd say that's my super power. 

I've had boudoir experiences myself with really brilliant photographic artists. There is no denying their work is absolutely incredible and the finished product is museum-worthy. But I struggled through the entire shoot. Felt like someone else. Felt objectified. Felt dirty. And not the good way. Felt LESS confident in myself walking out than when I went in to the shoot. 

I guess you could say my bad experiences with other photographers really helped fine tune my methods, demonstrating what NOT to do. 

So when clients like Miss S say "I had such a great time, I was skipping naked through the studio at the end!", I know I've done what I've set out to do. 

It is not your job to make yourself feel comfortable for your shoot. It's mine. And I'm good at that. Like...really good at that. 

It's a smattering of psychology courses, some of the best customer service training in the country, and, of course, being a self-conscious woman myself. My photography skills are on the back burner of what makes my clients so happy. But sometimes that's what gets people in the door in the first place ;) 

I've known Miss S for a couple of years now. She's a fiery little ball of energy and sunshine, and I was so excited when she made the decision to get her gorgeous booty into my studio to celebrate herself. 

So take a cue from Miss S, here, and challenge yourself to come in to Kara Marie Boudoir for you can find yourself skipping through my studio naked without a care. It's quite liberating. I dare you. ;)