Motherhood hasn't stripped you of your womanhood | Austin Boudoir Studio

When you have a baby, you pretty much want to wear the largest poncho that Costco has to offer and a bag over your head. Learning to love yourself after you've birthed a human is no easy feat.  Some of us hold on to 40lbs for what seems like a lifetime. Some of us bounce right back and have to deal with all the other moms hating us even though we still have mom insecurities, too.  Some of us develop crazy hormonal mental problems and can't see anything but our flaws.

The miracle happens when you have see yourself looking incredible for the first time after having a baby. You NEED to know that you've still got it....and that motherhood hasn't stripped you of your womanhood.

Because it hasn't. 

You're still a woman. You're still even. 

Miss "M" here had a shoot and got to experience this first hand. Yes, she's a slim girl...but that certainly doesn't mean that she doesn't have any "mombod" insecurities. All women have matter their shape or size. 

She rocked the hell out of her photo shoot and got to see that, damnit, she still had it!

"I did this shoot as a present for my soon to be hubby to give to him moments before the wedding! It's taking all the power inside of me not to tell him!!

I LOVE the pictures so much and am so happy I did this for him and for myself

"After having my son, I never thought I'd say 'DAMMMNNN I look GOOD!'. It definitely took the stress away from wedding planning and had some much-needed fun."

So. I repeat. Motherhood does NOT strip you of your womanhood. You are woman, hear you roar and stuff. ;) 


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Naughty + Nice Part I | Austin Boudoir Studio

I'm not sure whether it was intentional or not, but when Miss "M" brought in her boudoir wardrobe selections for her boudoir shoot, the looks were clearly split between badass rockstar vixen and sweet and flirty bombshell. It was so cool to watch this shoot take 2 completely different directions! 

Today I shall share with you the "naughty"! I freaking LOVE that she brought in a spiked bra!! It was so fun to shoot with, it photographed powerful, strong, confident, and sexy as allllll get out. 

RRAWWRRR! Am I right!?

**No injuries occurred during the creation of these images.**

Stay tuned for part II tomorrow!! I'll share the "nice" half ;)