Steamy Couples Boudoir | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

When I asked what I should post on the blog today, the first suggestion came from Miss "C" here who said she wanted to see some boudoir! Since she piped up, much like being a grade school teacher, I decided to "pick" on her and post some images from HER couples boudoir session!  Though, it's really not "picking" when the images are this amazing!


Couples boudoir is not typically something that I do....but it was for an extra special repeat client, so I HAD to say HAD to....she REEEEALLLLY twisted my arm ;)

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Miss "E" Boudoir | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

I had a bit of a love affair with Miss "E"'s KILLER EYES on Friday afternoon.  When I met her for her boudoir session I instantly knew what feature I'd be playing up the most in her session. I mean, wowza.  Check.These.Out.




Am I right or am I RIGHT!?

She TOTALLY rocked her session. Juuust killed it. AND, get this....her personality rocks too!

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Miss "C" | Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

This shoot with Miss "C' was executed a few months ago and is meant to be a surprise Christmas present for her husband! Ohhh how husbands love these kinds of presents! (You wouldn't believe the number of thank you cards I get from husbands!)  Without saying TOO much, here's a few of my favorites from "Miss C's" boudoir session! OOOhh la la, right!? What a beautiful set of images! Just love them!

I do still have time to squeeze maybe one or two boudoir sessions in before Christmas...and several more in for Valentine's Day! If you're in the Austin TX area and are interested in the best gift for your significant other, be sure to get in touch via email at and view more images on the Click Chick Images website!