Liana in Milan | Destination Editorial Boudoir


Ohhhh it sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it!? I’m not going to pretend like it wasn’t.

While in Milan, I was booked for a shoot with a fantastic photographer, Liana from Latvia, who had followed my work for years and had to take advantage of me being way closer to her than a Latvia > United States trip would be. She booked a little getaway to Milan for herself and her husband, and we had an absolutely incredible shoot.

Listening to Liana tell me why she selected me to photograph her, gave me a reaffirming grasp for what my work says about the women featured in it. She told me that she didn’t want some distorted view of herself, or an overly glamorous one. She loved my black and white work, and that the women weren’t overly retouched. She loved the editorial/fashion style of my work and was so enthusiastic about the entire process. So we rocked out ALL those different facets and created magic together.


We laughed a TON, flowed like crazy, took what felt like 3 million images, ran way over on time, and shot until the sun would no longer let us. Then we hit the hotel bar for a little libation and a chat between now-friends as I was in NO hurry whatsoever to navigate my navigationally-challenged self back to my house .

"I knew it would be an amazing experience, but it actually far exceeded that. The easiness of feeling completely free in your bare skin- it is life changing! And then, when the images do come in and you get to see all your badassness - well, not many things in life can make you feel like that."

"The good old term “self love” has gotten materialized. Subtle and not so subtle changes in all levels of self awareness, which was not the goal, however turned out to be a major bonus. The best money ever spent (way above shoes and bags and other feminine treats 😁)!"

"It all came together in a best possible way." -Liana


I ADORE my studio, I do. I love it love it love it. I know every nook and cranny, I can photograph a woman there in 3 zillion ways, and because I know all of those ways so well, I can do it in record time. But there’s something to be said about a shoot in a new place. New inspiration, new light, new shapes, new lines, new shadows. It’s all the reason why I will ALWAYS opt to schedule “work” any place I travel to, because I ALWAYS adore the outcome so much.

Thank you so very much, Liana, for choosing me, for traveling for me, for trusting me, for laughing with me and not at me when I made a fool of myself (how many times did I fall???), and for allowing me to share your images and your experience with the world.

Until next time!

Boudoir for a Boost! | Austin Studio Boudoir

Miss "B" stepped into my studio with an awesomely positive energy, a killer wardrobe, and a purpose. Like many women who come to me for a boudoir shoot, she wanted a boost. She'd experienced a rough time when her father passed away, and is finally starting to feel back to her old self.

As the final phase of "recovery", she decided on a boudoir shoot to boost her morale and to feel sexy again. 

AND there's no way she could not feel sexy after this shoot and these photos! VA VA VOOM!

Hair and makeup by Kendall of  Mayhem Beauty

Hair and makeup by Kendall of Mayhem Beauty

I love starting out with something cozy....annnnd then moving into something a little less cozy! 

Here's Miss "B"'s story:

"About a month after I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and writing endeavors, my dad died and I experienced a bad case of adult acne. The two combined made me me feel depressed and where I didn't want to leave my house on some days. (Not to mention, I hid from cameras.) After a couple years of medications and skin consultations, I finally feel like me and have my skin under control."

I decided to book a shoot for the last phase to feel more comfortable in my own skin, to improve confidence, to feel glamorous and sexy...the list could go on and on. This was a great experience! Not only did Kara make me feel comfortable throughout the shoot, she also kept me laughing!
— Miss B

I cannot tell you how much I love these two black and white images for a side-by-side acrylic wall art set! GAH! Be still my heart!


"This experience definitely boosted my overall confidence and added a little 'va-va-voom' to my step!" - Miss B


Annnnnd a hair flip for the finish! 

So many thanks to Miss "B" for trusting me with this experience! I commend her for doing something for herself so she could have the warm and fuzzies about who she is right now (which is an absolutely incredible woman!). 


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