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Gone are the days that you need an excuse to have a boudoir experience. When I first dipped my toe into the pool that was boudoir photography, nearly every client was doing the shoot as a wedding present to their new spouse. 

Over the last several years, I've loved watching the mindset shift in my clientele who is now doing it for their DAMN selves! Yeah!

Miss Y here is one of them! I met her at an event several months back and I was thrilled when she booked herself a session for her 35th birthday. 

She said: "Every time I've stalked the website or Instagram I was 100% sure you only posted pictures women who looked like models...when I got my pictures back I couldn't believe it!!! I looked like those a model!"

^^^^^ THIS. ^^^^^ So so many of my clients say this to me when they first reach out. They are concerned that they aren't as pretty or as fit or as confident as the women on my website. They are convinced that I could not possibly get as good of an outcome from them. I prove them wrong each and every time, and I kind of gloat a little bit about it, too ;) 

"I had been feeling very self-conscious and simply not good about myself for a while, this experience changed my whole opinion!!! Taking theses pictures for my 35th birthday was the best possible present I could have given myself! "

" My whole outlook had changed! Actually it had changed the moment you started taking my picture! Thank you for making me feel so amazing!!!"

I’ve walked with my head higher since I stepped out of the studio after the shoot...I’ve NEVER felt better!!!
— Miss Y

A VERRRRRRRRYYY Happy Birthday to Miss Y!!! She looks like a model, doesn't she? Yeah, I know. ;) 

Who else would like me to prove them wrong? Let's chat.

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This is 30... | Austin Boudoir Photographer

Well holy crap. Here I am. 30 years old today. 30. I distinctly remember an episode of Friends where Rachel cried at the dinner table when Chandler gave her a funny card about being old. From the age 20 and on I have dreaded the big 3-0. But now I find myself oddly excited for what this decade brings. I have never really made a very big deal of my birthday...this year, though, I'm doing it up big and celebrating!

Copyright Go West Photography

Copyright Go West Photography

So, does 30 make me "legit" yet? Have I finally been on this planet long enough to be taken seriously by anyone older than me??  I hope so. Because all the comments about being "just a baby" or "too young to know what hard work is" got really old. Eventually I just kept my age quiet to avoid hearing all of the inevitable comments. 

Here's to living life to the fullest, to making inappropriate jokes, to laughing at things that sound dirty but aren't, to wearing purple nail polish, to being told by my 6 year old that I'm being annoying, to whining about having to eat healthy. Here's to spontaneous dance parties with my kids, a closet that is overflowing with shoes, and acting like a teenager with my husband.  Here's to continuing to bust my ass at work...but only because I want to and not because some corporate big shot is telling me to.  Here's to slugging champagne from the bottle while sitting in a bathtub with balloons wearing nothing but heels and a tutu.

Copyright Go West Photography

Copyright Go West Photography

Copyright Go West Photography

Copyright Go West Photography

CHEERS TO 30! Now who's coming dancing with me tonight?! ;)


I have to give a huge freakin' shoutout to MICAEL of Go West Photography! I came to her for a concept of a bright, colorful, fun boudoir shoot filled with balloons and bubbly and she hit the nail on the head!  She suggested the location which worked out perfectly and she was a flash-master (thank goodness!) in a small and dark room.  Also the amazing Kendall of Mayhem Beauty who rocked out my hair and makeup. We had SUCH a fun shoot and I'm so glad that I celebrated my birthday with a boudoir shoot for ME (although I will tell you that my husband has already set the background for his computer and phone to the bathtub I guess he kind of benefitted too!)!

(If you feel like watching an animated ice cream cone twerking...I highly recommend you check out my music video choice of the moment below ;) )