Straight out of a magazine: Miss W | Austin Boudoir Studio

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen little peeks of this blonde bombshell and her killer boudoir shoot. She showed up with her friend, a bottle of champagne, and a kick ass attitude, and left with a really incredible set of images just for her own damn self. 

Miss W Said:

"It feels damn good to do something for yourself! I turned 31 on Monday and thought 'Hey, you are't getting any younger!' Every day I thank my lucky starts for all the greatness I have in my life.  I loved how comfortable and beautiful everyone made me feel throughout the whole process!"

If you’re a girl out there contemplating a boudoir shoot....DOOOO IT!!! Kara is AMAZING!
— Miss W

"I love not only feeling sexy and confident but also LOOKING fuckin sexy!"

When she first contacted me about a photo shoot, her email signature was followed by a quote. If you know me or follow me at all, you know that I'm a quote girl. SO...I knew we were a match made in boudoir photographer/client heaven before I even met her. It said:

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.
— E.B. White

Hellllooooo, RED! Amiright!? Yasss. 

This set. This set with the classy red lingerie, chanel pearls, red bottoms, and fur coat just SCREAMED magazine ad to me! Miss W seriously rocked it! I'm thrilled with our finished product. 

Hell yes to rocking a boudoir shoot. Hell yes to doing so for YOU. Hell YESSSS to feeling even better about yourself after you're done. I love these kinds of stories. 

Thank you Miss W for your badassness ;)

Makeup credit: Kendall of Mayhem Beauty


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A woman who does not require validation... | Austin Boudoir Studio

In this line of work, I meet women. Lots and LOTS of women. They are all SO different in walks of life and personalities. Miss "T" here really stood out to me, personality-wise. She was vibrant, confident, more animated than pretty much anyone I've ever met, and amazingly confident.

Pair those things with a wardrobe to match her personality and some "healthy" champagne that she brought (YESSSS! It does exist! Bless.), as well as her bestie, Miss "P" (whose blog post is coming soon!), and you have one super fun photo shoot!

Hair and makeup by Kendall of  Mayhem Beauty

Hair and makeup by Kendall of Mayhem Beauty

"It was a beautiful space, I loved the variety of my picture choices and I had a fantastic experience." -Miss "T"

The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.
— Mohadesa Najumi

Thank you thank you, Miss T for rocking it out with me! I wish I had an ounce of your energy and badassness!


Desert Boudoir at Sunset | Austin Boudoir Photographer

It is absurdly important for me to always do photo shoot projects for myself on the side. The moment the passion to create outside what I'm being paid to create goes away, I'm in big trouble as an artist.

What's ironic is, I used to live in Erie, PA. A smaller city with not a whole lot of location options. When people wanted to do their photos on the beach I would silently cringe...only because that's where I shot ALL the time (that, and it was a relatively polluted beach so editing out trash, dead fish, and condom wrappers got quite cumbersome). It got boring. And now that I'm not around the beach environment much anymore, I find myself thinking about that type of shoot environment quite often. 

I've had my eye on this location WAAYYY out in Texas (I mean, REAL Texas, y'all. On my drive there I saw practically no cars, hundreds of deer, cows, and vultures, about 30 DQs, countless tumbleweeds, those oil drilling thingamajiggers everywhere, and the "EMPORIUM OF SPURS".) since I moved to Austin nearly 5 years ago.  

When my super gorgeous model friend Olivia Jordan hired me to the be the photographer for Mood Board Productions' boudoir modeling weekend in Midland, we knew that a team Jordan/Trombetta shoot in the sandhills HAD to happen at some point. 

I arrived at the hotel around 6pm, it was another 40 minute drive to the sandhills, and I had to collect Olivia in all her glory to head out that way. By the time we arrived, parked (apparently illegally. Who knew that was possible in the middle of nowhere!?), and hiked our way up the sandhills, not only was I completely out of breath, but we also only had TWENTY MINUTES of light left. WHAT!?  

Luckily, #1- I'm a super fast-paced shooter. I don't linger at all from pose to pose. I #2- Olivia is a professional model. She is. No hiding that fact. So she knows her way around a photo shoot. #3- We've worked together enough times that we had our FLOW down and totally knew how to jive with each other to maximize efficiency. #4- I work so much better under a strict timeline. #5- THE LIGHT WAS SO FREAKING GLORIOUS.

So we cranked it out! I knew that I had to have at least one awesome self-portrait to add to my project...I mean, I DID drive all that way. More on that in another post. So I got my "selfie" and commanded Olivia to strip down (I get bossy when I'm in a hurry) and we went to "work". 

It was SO incredible watching the shoot unfold (insanely quickly), watching the light change colors as the sun set, watching the shadows cast harshly on the windblown sand texture almost as if it knew exactly what I had been envisioning for years. It was glorious. 

I don't think I have ever been so conflicted about keeping photos in color vs. doing black and white conversions....I tried to find a happy balance, but I truly love them all, in both color AND black and white. 

As always, it was an absolute pleasure having a "play" shoot with this lovely. And I solemnly swear that I will always remember to shoot just for me every now and then. 

We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.
— Ernest Hemingway