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One of the perks of being in the photography industry is frequent conferences, retreats, and workshops that allow me to see my favorite photographer friends from all over the world far more frequently than I would any other out-of-town friends.  Cate, here,  is one of those friends. We are incredibly similar, only she's way more "likable" than me (she disagrees...but that only further illustrates my point). 

Photographing other photographers is one of those things I used to shy away from...or if I did it, I was always incredibly nervous.  NOW, I adore it and almost seek it out. It's so fun to give photographers, especially boudoir photographers, the experience that they themselves give everyone else on a regular basis. 

I knew EXACTLY how I wanted to photograph Cate. I wanted it to be simple, natural, "undone", and, of course, black and white.  All she wanted was to be made to look "cool", because apparently that's my boudoir style. It wasn't until she pointed it out to me that I recognized....that's EXACTLY what I try to do with all of my clients. I just try to make them look COOL AF (cool to me is confident, badass, strong, and like someone you'd want to be around.).  I'm so happy to hear that Cate felt I delivered. 

"One day out of the clear blue, my darling friend Kara sent me a beautiful note that simply said 'you are stunning and likable and I just wanted to tell you that.' I received it on a particular day when I couldn’t feel less stunning or less likable. I cried actually, and thanked her.

Later, when she told me she’d be available to photograph me during our trip to Miami, I jumped at the chance. Kara is one of the small few I knew could capture me in a way I could not only be proud of — but that could change that fear inside me and make me see myself the way others do. I was 1000% confident Kara had that magic and I was not wrong. "


"Kara gave me ideas of how she envisioned shooting me and it was if she read my mind. Her sense of style is innate and when I joked 'Make me look cool!' I knew she’d deliver".


"I was amazed at Kara’s swift and flawless posing instruction. Even as a photographer myself, it was impressive how fluid and easy she made it for me as a subject. My resulting images fully reflect grace and effortless beauty in a way I want to envision myself as a woman."

"As a fellow photographer, I have the opportunity to be photographed more frequently than the average woman. My friends, like Kara are some of the best boudoir photographers in our industry, and I’m very particular about who I feel can photograph me the way I want to see myself. It’s not because I’m a model or a hot young thang — it’s the complete opposite of that. "


"The fact is, as a photographer I’m often ashamed to say I hate being in front of the camera. I don’t like the attention on me, the focus, my own lack of awareness of what I might look like ....and so much more. 

This was not my first boudoir shoot, but it was a completely eye opening, confidence boosting experience."


"I’m a 43 year old mom of 3 kids, (about to turn 44 soon) a wife, and a business owner. With each passing year comes an ambivalent feeling of being both proud of my years ... but also fearful. It feels vain and shallow to admit, but I do fear my youth and my beauty slipping away. That’s a very hard thing. I embrace my inner beauty always, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not terrified to lose my youth. It’s just one of those things so many of us struggle with as women."

I see boudoir photography as one of the ways we can celebrate and get an objective view of these fears and squash them whole.

Check out Cate's reaction to her teaser photo that I texted here while sitting next to her and not-so-secretly recording. 


"These images are SO me. She knew my style, my nature, and my assets. I saw these images and couldn’t believe I might *Actually* look this way? It is eye opening.

I’m not doctored, or morphed, or over styled, or 'too extra.' It’s just ME. A beautiful version of me I’m typically too busy/too fearful/too blind /too unwilling to see. But she saw it, and I’m eternally grateful.

I do a shoot each year for my birthday and share them. I’m proud that this is what I can show 44 looks like on ME. Love you, Kara."

Birds of a feather flock together ;)   My all time favorite photo of Cate + I that speaks volumes. I thought this should most definitely accompany her boudoir photos. 

Birds of a feather flock together ;)   My all time favorite photo of Cate + I that speaks volumes. I thought this should most definitely accompany her boudoir photos. 

Shooting with this knockout the way that I wanted her to see herself, and then being able to witness her reaction to her first preview in person was SO amazingly fun and fulfilling. I adore this woman and am absolutely delighted that I had the opportunity to show her almost-44-year-old-ass that she IS in fact COOL, sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, and badass. 

Thank you, Cate for your sweetheart testimony and for allowing me to share your stunning images with the KMB followers. You. Rock.


Boudoir Photographer Friends::: WORKSHOP NOTICE ::: Boulder, CO Boudoir Retreat

It has been one *BLEEP* of a year in the best way possible. I've really crammed a ton in, but have also learned to turn down a LOT. Speaking/teaching gigs in particular are something that I have about a 1 in 10 ratio of accepting solely because my studio schedule is always so packed, and my clients are my #1 priority. But when AIBP (the Association of International Boudoir Professionals) goes and gives me the Photographer of the YEAR can I say no!?! Jk jk, it wasn't a bribe, promise. The order of events was purely coincidental and I'm honored on both fronts!


If you're one of those photographers who has asked about workshops or speaking gigs of mine, or if you were one of the several past attendees who said you wanted to have me back, I've got an announcement you might like!  

I'd love for you to join me in Boulder, Colorado November 2nd-5th where I will be speaking on marketing and building a booming boudoir business at the fourth annual AIBP Retreat!



I always have a great time at the annual AIBP retreat with boudoir-centric content and great company.  I will be joined by Jessica Rae, a brilliant boudoir artist in her own right who will be talking on maximizing small shooting spaces and getting tons of variety with out the benefit of having a big, beautiful studio.

Her shoot style is dreamy and intense and she's the master at

The retreat includes instruction from myself, Jessica Rae, a Wealth manager, as well as a few surprise "for funsies" speakers. On top of that, breakfast, lunch, and model shoot outs, AND LODGING are all included in the rate!  Y'ALL....THIS IS LIKE A SLEEPOVER FOR BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER AND IT'S SO MUCH DAMN FUN.  The camaraderie is effortless and I promise that my class will be jam-packed-full of thorough information that you can apply to your boudoir business regardless of what stage of business you're in. 

I take my speaking gigs VERY seriously and do quite a bit of homework on all the attendees prior to speaking just so I know that I am teaching relevant information to those in the group. We'll cover social media marketing, referral programs, running a booming boudoir studio, how to dominate in your market, as well as a "as long as it takes" Q&A breakout session. This will be very comprehensive, y'all. 

Photo by:  Dana Laymon

Photo by: Dana Laymon

2018's AIBP retreat is ALL about building SUCCESS regardless of your current situation, so it's not one to be missed! The early bird pricing ends on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15th though you can continue to sign up for several months following.  Still best to reserve sooner than later to save yourself some moo-lah AND give you something to be super excited about!  It's just $200 down to initially reserve your spot for this retreat under the early bird pricing prior to Friday! Woot!


BTS from 2017's MIAMI retreat | Shot by  Michael Sasser

BTS from 2017's MIAMI retreat | Shot by Michael Sasser

You do not need to be a member of AIBP to sign up but you should most definitely get yourself a membership so you can join tons of boudoir photographers from all over the world to further elevate the industry and have fun interacting with each other while doing it.  Here's a link to your first month of AIBP free 

If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to hit me up with the form below! I'm happy to help and am honored to have been asked back to teach again.

See you in Boulder!

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