If you roll your eyes every time you hear me say how much I love my clients, you may just want to stop following me altogether. Because, seriously...these women are incredible. I am so grateful to have the pleasure to meet so many incredible women every day. Miss "N" here is no exception. 

Her energy was bounding, her enthusiasm refreshing, and her aura was glowing. She absolutely rocked. I adore her images (anyone see any resemblance to Kelly Kapowski!?!) and I'm so excited to share them with y'all. 

Here's what Miss "N" had to say about her experience:

"Kara has been one of my favorite photographers for a few years now. I've had friends that have done shoots with her and I've admired her work from afar thinking one day I'd like to do that. 'One day' finally came and I took the plunge. I was a little nervous going into it but the moment I walked in the door I felt so comfortable. Kara has a way of making you feel confident in your own skin."

There wasn’t one moment during my shoot where I thought ‘I wonder if my thighs look big? Can you see my cellulite/stretch marks? Do I look fat? Are my boobs big enough? Do I look skinny?’ I felt beautiful posing in my nothingness.
— Miss N

"I think that's how we as women should feel standing in our own skin. Nothing needs to be added to make us beautiful. From the core of creation women have been a gift and since the fall of man, we have been layering on busyness, fear and perfection to cover our shame and imperfections.

There's beauty in our imperfections and strength in our vulnerability. Be brave and embrace who you are."

Those are words of a wise woman, and images of a goddess. 

Thank you SO incredibly much, Miss "N" for having this experience with me, and for sharing your profound words and stunning images with us!!!! 


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The Fiercest of Fierce | Austin Boudoir Studio

More often than not, I feel as though the women who walk through the doors of my studio are my client soulmates. They "get" the purpose of this boudoir shoot. They GET why I do this, and they want to be a part of it.  This woman fit that description. She wanted to feel empowered, she needed to add a kick-ass chapter to her life. She wanted to be fierce and amazing. 

As she sat in the makeup chair and requested super heavy rockstar eye makeup while I worked through her statement lingerie, I was LOVING that she had a strong vision of what she wanted to see herself as. It was obvious to me that she was envisioning wall art that would remind her of how amazing she was, envisioning a coffee table book to show off to everyone who set foot in her house, a set of images that would say "Hey everyone! Come and see how good I look!" *Anchorman Reference*

Mission freaking accomplished.

Thank you Kara for such an amazing, empowering, kick ass experience! You did exactly what I was hoping for. Feeling empowered as a woman is sometimes difficult in this non-stop world. You helped bring back the strong, sexy, empowered woman that I had somehow, sort of, forgotten was there.

We all have a fire inside us. Sometimes life can suppress the flames and it seems like it has gone out. But NOOOO, as long as there is breath in us it is there. Sometimes the fire just needs a little stoking. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You rock!

*Commence slow clap*

I am so proud of Miss B for bringing her A game (and those AMAZING outfits! HELLLLOOOO!) and trusting me to create some badassness for her. I have no doubt she will look back on these images any time she needs her fire "rekindled" and for the rest of her life!