New Mom, New Outlook | Austin Boudoir Studio

I was thrilled to get my camera on this beautiful woman. I originally met her when I taught a beginner's photography class to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization....and Miss "G", here was a big sister. She contacted me shortly after for a private lesson, and has since booked me to shoot several milestone shoots for her little family. When I switched my focus to exclusively boudoir, she mentioned a couple of times that she wanted to do one... "but"... and then the usual excuses flowed out. 

We talked about it a few times...I didn't want to pressure her, but I knew that she needed this. I know that new mom feeling all too well. It's almost guaranteed that you feel like a shell of your former self. 

Then finally...she bit the bullet. 

I was absolutely freaking out. I thought for sure I would be the one client who wouldn’t look sexy in her pictures. Plus, walking around in lingerie is a frightening idea, especially when you’re not oh-so-happy with your body.

Kara you are a rock star. I felt super comfortable and I knew that I wasn’t being judged. You had one goal, to show me how amazing I really am. And damn did you show me. Actually it was more like a hit to the face, I was so shocked at the end result. I couldn’t believe I was looking at myself!! Even my husband said “wow, you’re like a model!”

Like I said during the reveal, this was the validation I needed for myself. For a year and a half, I put myself last. I’ve never been super girly, wasn’t into make up or doing my hair. Hell, I could be ready in 5 mins. But times when I probably should’ve cared more about my appearance, I didn’t. And over time I got into some really negative self talk. The baby weight hadn’t gone away, I take full responsibility but I wasn’t happy with myself. My self esteem was at an all time low.

I did this to show myself that I still have it and gosh dammit I am pretty. And now I can say, holy hell I’m hotttttt!

Now, post-shoot, I do my makeup *almost* everyday and have gotten pretty good at styling my hair. I feel good. I look good. And I’m in a good place.

Thank you so much,Kara. Thank you for doing what you do and being fantastic amazing at it.
— Miss G
Hair and makeup by Kendall Koehler of  Mayhem Beauty

Hair and makeup by Kendall Koehler of Mayhem Beauty

This gorgeous woman needed this shoot. She didn't do it for anyone but herself...though I'm sure it's benefited everyone around her with the extra pep in her step! I'm SO SO SO SOOO proud of her and over-the-moon that she went out on a limb and trusted me with this boudoir experience. 


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Black and white and hot all over | Austin Boudoir Photographer

When a client comes to me wanting black and white, moody, artsy, anonymous-type shots, my heart nearly explodes.  That's my jam!!!  While I always try to capture some of these types of shots in every client's shoot, even if they don't ask for them, a whole shoot like this rocks my socks. 

That's what happened here with Miss "S". She barely wanted any of her face at all (which was a crying shame because it was a BEAUTIFUL one), and instead wanted to focus on details and bodyscapes and anonymity, oh my!  MISSION.FREAKING.ACCOMPLISHED.

I think I want to make a wallpaper out of these.... would that creep you out, Miss "S"?! 




In love with these LOVE with them. I want to buy these photos chocolates and jewelry.

I absolutely LOVE the photographs. They are stunning and artsy and hot! You captured exactly what I wanted and more. Plus, you made me look amazing!! I’m thrilled and my husband is going to be ecstatic! Win-win for everyone. Again thank you so much!
— Miss "S"

Thank you, lady, for trusting me to do my thing...and for you doing yours OH SO WELL! Bravo!

Hair and makeup by Kendall of Mayhem Beauty.



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She wouldn't even expose her shoulders.... | Austin Boudoir Photographer

I can honestly say that I have never witnessed such an extreme transformation as I saw with this particular client. When she booked me, not only had she not been photographed in this capacity, but she "was a throwback to another era with vintage morals, including formal and prim beliefs about showing oneself." (her words).   

Was I ready for the challenge of bringing someone out of their shell who literally didn't even bare her shoulders or toes in public? PSSSHHH YESSS I was! 

From the time she set her shoot date until the day of the shoot, she had transformed herself. She started buying lingerie and high heels. She started painting her nails black cherry.  She came alive. 

I've never had someone come bopping into my studio with THIS much enthusiasm and preparation before. While I want to blabber on and on about her and her transformation...she tells it SO much better than I ever would. 

You must read her story below...

"How did I get here and decide to do this?  How does one begin to explain exploring the depth of one’s soul and how many dimensions or extensions it can possibly have?  How can a person reach that depth with just a simple conversation? Me, as an object of art was just a mere thought unexplored for years until the door recently kicked itself open. Thus began my journey…Kara topped it off with an exclamation point!

I am a very proud, sophisticated, and complex lady – one could say a throwback to another era with vintage morals, including formal and prim beliefs about showing oneself. Multiple crises then put me under a rock completely for decades. I forgot who I was and I had no feelings! Society often magnifies the unworthiness. You have to look a certain way, be a certain person, or risk being criticized and ostracized. Not having positive reinforcement, other than in your own mind, weighs heavy on the soul. Being strong and smart, you learn not to care about beauty and the attention it brings, even though you may crave it. Trying to match an ideal is impossible and you simply give up."

"Why would I want to be photographed? - I would never do this in a million years and it might not even be appreciated! A simple, well timed question from a friend kicked off a torrent of thoughts… why I am holding on so tightly to old-fashioned thinking? Baring shoulders and even toes was a big deal in my mind and why was that?  An awakening occurred…but I want this, I shouldn’t want this, but I need this! I long for this! It’s for me! A little fire began burning…

Nervous and timid, slowly over the course of 6 weeks I came out of the shell I was living in to find my inner bold, glorious, radiant self. How? Embrace the inner you! Discover what beauty you adore most! Immerse yourself in food, music, literature, art, dance, drama, and find your muse! Remember that regular, normal women have been painted, sketched, and sculpted as art for centuries!"

"You have to fall in love with who you are right now first – flaws and all. Go seek advice and explore and try things you’ve never done before (or haven’t in a LONG time) and find that which you were always curious about. Have a good friend challenge and then push you beyond those ingrained thoughts that are keeping you bound up. You will be surprised at the effects and compliments you receive! Guaranteed you will find yourself smiling and radiantly glowing - others cannot help but notice the difference!

Some great takeaways I truly learned…

·       There is never a perfect body. Only a perfect mindset! 

·       Do it now, as later will never arrive!

·       Explore, follow directions, and over prepare!

·       Life is too short not to have fun!

·       And my favorite is attributed to Ms. Coco Chanel ~ “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!”

Kara was the ultimate communicator and no question was too weird or too strange. Her ease and sense of womanhood is tremendous! She took the time with me to alleviate my concerns and build my confidence!  Kara created an object of beauty and desire from that fire. And my soul wanted to sing! 

"Every one of us means it when we say Kara is the best! A true wonder woman! I still cannot believe how fantastic my experience was and I'm livin' the high! She is hands down and quintessentially an absolute professional!

Her love for her job shines through every pore of her being and her keen eye for detail and what works for you is brilliant! Kara can peer into your soul and has the power to capture and turn you into a true work of art! AMAZING! This is the best investment in yourself that you could ever make! Kara takes care of you and puts you right at ease. You really do instantly feel as comfortable with her as you do your best friend! Do not fret or worry about your body as those are just mind games to be conquered. Kara definitely can let you shine through! ~Trust her and she’ll deliver you a dream… and blow your mind! You become magazine, model, photojournalist quality!!! OH WOW!"

I am so blown away by this woman and her transformation. I truly am so fulfilled by what I do all the time, but when I have stories like this, it just puts me in awe. 

Boudoir is so much more than sexy photos. It's self-discovery. It's self-love. Empowering. Brilliant. Artistic. It's YOU. It's for EVERY WOMAN. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. If you've never done it before, heed this woman's advice. You don't need a special occasion, you don't need the "perfect" body (whatever that means). Do it. 

Don't wait any longer. you deserve to feel beautiful and empowered. let's chat. 

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You'd think she was a super model... | Austin Boudoir Studio

This girl was sent to me by another photographer whose boudoir images I shot last year. I was told that this girl was simply gorgeous and that we would create some amazing images together. Gorgeous was an understatement. As you will see....

...told ya. 

Miss B TOTALLY nailed her shoot. She brought some pretty fantastic lingerie (that I'm fairly certain was designed specifically for HER...because...put that get-up on me...and...eeeeek!) and a supermodel's composure. 

I had such a wonderful time shooting! Not only is Kara so sweet and fun, she made me feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera!!
— Miss B

For her final wardrobe selection, Miss B. brought some super cute socks and a Beavis and Butthead t-shirt!  She took her man's favorite goofball animated show and now has turned it into something adorable and sexy! I love the idea of changing it up a little from lingerie--even if it's just for one quick look at the end of the session!  It's personal and will really show your someone special that you put thought into their gift!! 

I effing love it. All of it!  

Thank you thank you to Miss B. for a crazy amazing session and allowing me to share her images from her Austin Boudoir shoot with y'all...and thank you thank you to the photographer who played client matchmaker! 

Shot on: Nikon D750, natural light, 50mm f/1.4 Sigma Art Lens + 85mm f/1.8 lens. 

Lingerie from Victoria's Secret. Hair styled by Kendall of Mayhem Beauty

Are you ready for your turn!? Let's chat, dahhling!

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Pretty Mamma Beauty Shoot | Austin Beauty Photographer

I shall preface this post by saying that this woman makes pregnancy look all adorable and stuff. Try not to harbor any bad feelings towards her for this. It's not her fault she's so damn cute, even at 7 months pregnant!! ;) 

But seriously though...look!!!   I LOVED this maternity session, Miss KK was such a pleasure to photograph! 


Every time I go in to HEAT Bootcamp for my training sessions, this girl is there, lunging away- bump and all! I wish I possessed HALF of her energy...and I'm not even pregnant! 

Thank you to Miss Keri for allowing me to share her gorgeous photos will all of you lovelies!

Mommy Daughter Pajama Party | Austin Beauty Photographer

This season has been flooded with Mommy/Daughter beauty shoot bookings which makes me so so so happy. The only thing that could possibly make me happier is if someone did a pajama party mommy daughter shoot.  Thanks to Yanci, I am the HAPPIEST.   This gorgeous mother/daughter duo is no stranger to my camera...I've lost count of the number of times they've booked me (which ALSO makes me so so so happy! Love my loyal ladies!!!)...but this may have been the most fun session we've had!

Yanci knew that I've been crushing hard on black and whites lately, and she requested that we do a full shoot without a stitch of color. Be still my heart. 

And Rush.  OHHHHHH my darling, Rush. This girl was built to be in front of a you'll see... ;) 

Are they not the cutest of cute!?   I wish I possessed one tenth of the girly nature that little Rush does! I'm telling you, y'all...I didn't have to coerce her to do anything. She knew exactly what to do with that makeup!  She knew what she was and was not allowed to use, she knew to cap everything before putting it back in the bag, she knew to blot her lips after lipgloss.  She's TWO, y'all.  I want one. 


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Miss "B" | Austin Boudoir Studio

Do you remember the movie "Sleepless in Seattle"? Do you remember a freaking adorable, young, bubbly Meg Ryan in that movie?   Ok, so this client reminded me SO much of young Meg Ryan....SO MUCH.  Which actually kind of made me love her even more if that was possible. Check out this stunning set of images that this beauty gifted to her lucky husband earlier this month!

Stunning, yes???  Yes.

This is what this doll had to say: "Everything was just awesome. The studio was amazing and I felt totally comfortable the whole shoot! I have to give all the credit to Kara. She gave direction really well and had a great sense of humor which put me at ease. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone!"

Your turn!! 

If you're ready to step in front of my lens, (I PROMISE, you'll do great!), let's chat!

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Catching Up | Austin Boudoir Photographer

Well, shit.  

I haven't posted in quite some time...and for a few reasons. First and foremost, because until TODAY, I didn't have an actual consistent internet connection at my studio. 3 cable companies later, and Donald from Time Warner (my last choice for a reason), pulled through for me and successfully installed internet! Wahooo!  



Don't worry, I haven't been living without internet for 2 weeks....only at the studio. But part of the benefit of getting the studio was to give me the ability to leave work at work and be present at home. SO, I've been doing just that and hopefully sometime soon I'll get into the groove of being both a full-time business owner AND a full-time mom simultaneously. I'll keep you posted on that. ha.


ALSO- I've been busy, y'all. Like REALLY flipping busy. In the past two weeks I've photographed 17 boudoir sessions and 1 wedding, designed and ordered 12 bedside albums, and have had 6 client photo reveals.   On the 2 days that I didn't have a shoot booked in those two weeks, I was editing my booo-tay off.  And also drinking a lot of wine. 


So that's the update. I know, I were on the edge of your seats!!

The GOOD NEWS is, I'm starting to come up for air just a TINY bit. At least enough to blog some sessions soon!  So stay tuned you awesome people, you. 

~Kara Marie (over and out).

One badass bombshell! | Austin Boudoir Studio

The hardest and least favorite part of my job is DEFINITELY keeping secrets! It's such a challenge....especially when I'm sitting on such awesome images!!


THIS badass bombshell came to me a few months ago in hopes of creating an awesome anniversary present for her husband.  We had the most amazing time during her shoot and got some of my all-time favorite images.  And her husband "LOOOOVVVVVEEESSSSS" the images ;) 


Right before we started this set of images, this client said "How do you pick who gets to be on your blog?" To which I responded "Ummm....ANYONE who I photograph can be on my blog if they want to be!!" So she said "Can I please be on your blog!?!?!"  Hell yes you can, my dear. Hell yesssss.

PHEW! It feels good to get that off my chest. ;)

I love how she rocked out plaid, leather, lace, and ended with a super soft and feminine set! It was SUCH a versatile shoot and it was such a pleasure to photograph her!!! 

Ready for your turn? Let's chat, dahhling!

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Miss Monday on Monday | Austin Boudoir Studio

Just thought that Monday would be a fitting day to share a few images from Miss Monday's mini beauty shoot!  

If you are looking to get a beauty or boudoir shoot in before Christmas, NOW is the time! My schedule is rapidly filling up--don't miss your chance to feel as beautiful as you should!

Let's get you in front of my lens, shall we?

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