Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me...? | Austin Boudoir Studio

I am certainly not known to be the smoothest talker. I'm much better at premeditating my dialogue or otherwise inserting my foot-in-mouth when put on the spot to come up with something to say. It's really quite unfortunate because generally I do have the very best of intentions....but sometimes the dumbest thing imaginable comes out of my mouth... when I'm trying to maintain a professional but comfortable client/photographer relationship during a shoot, and I ask my client to get into a pose, and I immediately say "Is it getting HOT in here!? Or is it just me!?". And I  But, coming from a photographer who is photographing a woman scantily clad, you could see why that may seem a bit creepy. Ok...maybe more than a bit. 

Luckily, my clients are awesome. When I say something that stupid, I make fun of myself incessantly and hope for at least a genuine laughing shot. 

I think that happened at least twice during my shoot with this client. Her images make me happy. Check them out!

"This was one of the best experiences I've ever had! Kara was such an amazing, bubbly, and badass photographer! She made me feel so beautiful in my own skin. Also, her makeup and hair artist was INCREDIBLE!"
"I never felt an ounce of body shaming or negativity. I loved that she would just talk and we had causal convos the entire shoot! She made me laugh a bunch and the images she captured were AMAZING! I would recommend her to anyone that was looking at doing a boudoir shoot!"
I feel so strong, beautiful, and comfortable in my skin. It really brought my confidence up overall.

Thank you to Miss "M" for bringing her A++++ game to her boudoir session. And to my makeup artist, Kendall of Mayhem Beauty for doing yet another stand-up job. 


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My Man Brain and my Woman Brain got Married and Made These Images | Austin Boudoir Photographer

She kept the secret when neither one of us, I don't think, thought she would. She had the digital files and album in-hand well before her wedding anniversary and was bursting at the seams. 

On their anniversary, Miss "K" and her husband were out-and-about in downtown Austin. She excused herself to the bathroom and text him one of the photos.  When she walked back to the table, his face said it all. Absolutely priceless.  Throughout the night, she continued to text him a photo from her boudoir session here and there. Eventually she handed him the album.

Ever since, he's been hiding in the corner away from their daughter thumbing through the album with a shit grin on his face.


I guess you could say it's a good thing that I've got BOTH a man brain and a woman brain. I am a firm believer in knowing your own strengths, and I know that one of mine is to be able to view a woman's body from both male and female perspectives. I love being able to create images that appeal to both.

Strive for perfection: That is what I was taught growing up. Yes, of course, that could have a positive impact on a person, but for me it was the opposite.

I grew up thinking that my body had to look perfect at all times. I became a gym rat and nothing was ever perfect enough when it came to looking in the mirror. If I saw a photo of myself I would immediately look for the flaw rather than embrace the beauty.

I have since learned that perfection does not exist. We are given one body and one shot in this imperfect world. We are like a canvas, full of different paint, it is how we see that beauty on the canvas that matters.
When I left your studio after my photo reveal I cried like a baby in my car. As crazy as that sounds, I couldn’t believe that it was me in the photos.

You have changed the way I look at myself and have forever made an impact on me. Thank you! I l LOVE reading your other clients’ stories! You truly have made a difference in so many women.

I will be back in the future!

I don't know what I did in my past or current life to deserve such profoundly amazing women as clients, but I'm so grateful for them. Miss "K" was no exception. Her enthusiasm was amazing. She had all the concerns about herself and the shoot that all of my other clients have. We worked together to get past that and create a collection of images that left both her AND her husband smitten. 

Boudoir as a LIFE CHANGER | Austin Boudoir Studio

I'm about to share a doozy of a blog post with you. Miss "L" here, was yet another reminder of why I chose Boudoir Photography as my career path. Her shoot was easy, breezy, and effortless (more effortless for me than for her...she had to do a lot of back arching!). She was an absolute GODDESS in front of the lens. Even looked quite a bit like Scarlett Johansson.

She could be a model...

...but she's not.  She's the mom of the most precious little girl, a business owner, and has really impeccable taste in shoes and lingerie (as you'll soon see.)

What's more than that, though, is that she was SO much fun to be with and her words about her experience brought me to tears. Again. Yeah yeah, I cry a lot lately. But man, it really resonated. I know I preach how important this is to women, but I'm always surprised by how different their backgrounds/stories, yet how similar their response to their images was and how it's changed them. 

I'm going to stop blabbering because this client's words says more than enough...oh...and then there's the photos! 

"Three years ago, I was sitting on my couch watching my almost one year old walk around and make a mess of everything. I was thinking about how easy this little human changed my life and my body. Then, I got a text from my best friend that said, “we should do boudoir shoots!” I laughed. Yeah, definitely not going to do that.

I was not back to my pre pregnancy weight and wasn't about to run around in almost nothing taking pictures. I told my husband about it and he said that I should because I deserve to feel sexy and confident. The problem was, I did not feel sexy or confident and wasn't sure pictures would help that.

Fast forward 3 years, I stumbled upon Click Chick’s website. I was immediately lost in the images. These women were gorgeous and elegant and classy. I could never be those things, right? The next week, a friend of mine posted some of her images to Facebook and I instantly noticed they were taken by Kara. SHUT UP.

As fast as my little fingers could work, I began emailing with Kara! Did she just call me "Dahhling"? Yes. Well all right, this may not be so bad. I decided that night I had to book my session, claiming it was going to be an anniversary gift for my husband. If not now, when? That's what I kept telling myself.

I booked my shoot several months in advance so I would have time to pick the perfect wardrobe and work up the nerve to be in front of a camera. The day finally arrived. I was nervous, anxious, and a little worried about whether I would be able to do this or not. Would the pictures turn out okay? Would she like me?

As I walked up the stairs, I seriously thought about turning around and leaving. That would have been the biggest mistake of my life. I opened the studio door and there was the cutest, sweetest little blonde with the biggest smile coming right at me. As soon as she put her arms around me for a welcome hug, I immediately started to relax. I cannot even explain how relaxed and comfortable I felt from the beginning, even before hair and makeup.

I sat down for hair and makeup and had the best conversation with the most amazing makeup artist I have ever known. After that, it was time to start. Kara told me exactly what she wanted me to do. She made the shoot extremely easy, (well, maybe not easy because some of those poses HURT! haha) comfortable, relaxed. She also has a way of making you feel like you’re a supermodel. Not even kidding.  I walked out of my shoot feeling like I just won Miss Universe.

When I got home, my husband said, “ you look different!” I said it was the makeup. He said, “nope. That's not it.” That night I got a sneak peak. I died. I thought to myself, that's not me. It can’t be. Oh, but it was! 

I (not so) patiently waited for my reveal. I arrived 30 minutes early. As I sat in my car, I kind of started to hyperventilate. I was approximately 154258% more nervous to see my pictures than I was to actually take them. Such a strange feeling. I opened that studio door one more time and there was that adorable little blonde firecracker again. I like her.

So we sat down, she woke up her computer and BOOM, there I was. My heart started racing, I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to have every single image printed. I wanted wall paper made out of these images. I did it. This was me. As Kara scrolled through, I lost my words. I couldn't speak. I was speechless. (obviously, that never happens).

These pictures showed me that I was more than just a wife and mother. They showed me that I am a woman with so much more to offer. What started out as a gift for my husband, ended up changing my life. Confidence is the number one word out of my mouth when anyone asks about my images. Confidence.  

“ You've always had the power my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.”-Glenda, the good witch.  THANK YOU IMMENSELY, Kara for being my good witch. I cannot wait to do it all over again!!!!!!

I am so grateful that Miss "L" found her way into my studio... and even more grateful that this experience was exactly what it was supposed to be for her, and then some! 

Hair and makeup by Kendall of  Mayhem Beauty , Blue bra and panty set is  Heidi Klum Intimates from UNDERWEAR Austin , Black garter belt set is  Agent Provocateur .

Hair and makeup by Kendall of Mayhem Beauty, Blue bra and panty set is Heidi Klum Intimates from UNDERWEAR Austin, Black garter belt set is Agent Provocateur.

I've said it a million times before and I will say it over and over again: This is NOT about sexy photos. It's about showing yourself that you are AMAZING. You can be confident, powerful, gorgeous, feminine, and a badass all at once.

Let me show you.


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LOLA | Austin Boudoir Studio

Welp. I tried to think of all the things I could say about this session and this amazing woman...but I kept coming up speechless.  Truth is, as soon as I set my eyes on this girl, I KNEW that I had to photograph her. That's probably why she's a professional model + actress.  Her look is absolutely mesmerizing. 

Ari Dean robe from Underwear of Austin.

Ari Dean robe from Underwear of Austin.

What's more than that, though (I know what you're thinking...can there be MORE!?), is her glowing personality!  It was truly a pleasure to have this stunner in front of my camera! 

And that was just one outfit, guys. Her first look of the shoot!  

I STILL haven't even been through every image in the session because I keep getting ahead of myself and start processing images that are catching my eye (which is, like, all of them! Eep!)

Yes, Lola is a legit pro. But I never stopped viewing her as a CLIENT. Not as a model. Apparently that paid off, because Lola texted me after I sent her a few sneak peeks saying that she doesn't have ANY photos like the sneak peeks, and that they were truly "HER" and not "her playing model". I cannot tell you how fast my heart exploded after hearing that! My ultimate goal it to make everyone feel beautiful AND like THEMSELVES...just a little sexier! ;)   THANK YOU THANK YOU to Lola for gracing my studio with her presence this weekend. Cheers to many more!

I certainly cannot take sole credit for this awesome shoot! We had an AMAZING team of fabulousness!

Model: Lola Laymon

Hair + Makeup: Kendall of Mayhem Beauty

Wardrobe: Ari Dein Robe from UNDERWEAR

Photography: ME! Duh. ;)  Click Chick Boudoir

You'd think she was a super model... | Austin Boudoir Studio

This girl was sent to me by another photographer whose boudoir images I shot last year. I was told that this girl was simply gorgeous and that we would create some amazing images together. Gorgeous was an understatement. As you will see....

...told ya. 

Miss B TOTALLY nailed her shoot. She brought some pretty fantastic lingerie (that I'm fairly certain was designed specifically for HER...because...put that get-up on me...and...eeeeek!) and a supermodel's composure. 

I had such a wonderful time shooting! Not only is Kara so sweet and fun, she made me feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera!!
— Miss B

For her final wardrobe selection, Miss B. brought some super cute socks and a Beavis and Butthead t-shirt!  She took her man's favorite goofball animated show and now has turned it into something adorable and sexy! I love the idea of changing it up a little from lingerie--even if it's just for one quick look at the end of the session!  It's personal and will really show your someone special that you put thought into their gift!! 

I effing love it. All of it!  

Thank you thank you to Miss B. for a crazy amazing session and allowing me to share her images from her Austin Boudoir shoot with y'all...and thank you thank you to the photographer who played client matchmaker! 

Shot on: Nikon D750, natural light, 50mm f/1.4 Sigma Art Lens + 85mm f/1.8 lens. 

Lingerie from Victoria's Secret. Hair styled by Kendall of Mayhem Beauty

Are you ready for your turn!? Let's chat, dahhling!

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Miss L and her Badass Curves | Austin Boudoir Studio

I may have squealed loud enough for my neighbors to hear when I got word that Miss L was allowing me to share her words and photos with y'all. Her shoot was seriously incredible.  And...y'all....I would kill for her curves! Seriously. Hair, lips, boobs, waist, legs, booty...the whole damn package. 

She's been following my work on Instagram for a few years now, and it was so fun to bring her in, doll her up, and let her shine in front of my lens. I could have photographed her all day. 

Here's what Miss "L" had to say!:

"It's hard to be a woman sometimes. Heck, it's hard to be a human these days! I'm finally in a place of my life where I'm able to fully embrace my career, my womanhood, my romance, and more - woohoo!

It took a long time to realize life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful and I knew I wanted to capture this time with something special... something sassy... something sexy! I've followed Kara's work for a few years and just love her vision. Every image tells a little story and I knew I had to work with her someday. As soon as I gained the courage to sign up for a boudoir photo session, it was a fantastic experience through the entire process!

Kara captured my look and mood in every photo. She gives great direction and her compliments help you relax. I would definitely do it again and recommend her to EVERY girl I know. No matter your body type or age, she'll make you feel like a beautiful woman. Thanks, Kara - keep rockin' it!!!"

Is she not just a blonde goddess!? Ahh! Love these images. Ok, carry on.

Thank you to Miss L for sharing her gorgeousness with us! And also, as always, to my lovely makeup artist Kendall! 


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Valentine's Vixen Mini Shoots | Austin Valentine's Boudoir

It's THAT time of year again....ALREADY!  Last year's Valentine's mini session marathon was SUCH a huge success and I've gotten tons of requests to do it again this year! SO I've blocked out TWO WHOLE DAYS exclusively for my Valentine's Vixen Shoots!  

You'll come in to the studio, get your makeup done by the fabulous Kendall of Mayhem Beauty, sip some champagne, indulge in a little chocolate (yes--you can totally wait until AFTER your shoot!), and then have an action-packed 30 minute mini session with me to get your special someone an awesome Valentine's gift!

The package includes 5 of our signature 4x6 fine-art prints of your choice, and you will be able to order more products if you'd like after you see your finished images!

I have a VERY limited number of these mini shoot time slots available, so if you want one, snag your time slot right away!  

Cheers, dahhling! 


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Miss "B" | Austin Boudoir Studio

Do you remember the movie "Sleepless in Seattle"? Do you remember a freaking adorable, young, bubbly Meg Ryan in that movie?   Ok, so this client reminded me SO much of young Meg Ryan....SO MUCH.  Which actually kind of made me love her even more if that was possible. Check out this stunning set of images that this beauty gifted to her lucky husband earlier this month!

Stunning, yes???  Yes.

This is what this doll had to say: "Everything was just awesome. The studio was amazing and I felt totally comfortable the whole shoot! I have to give all the credit to Kara. She gave direction really well and had a great sense of humor which put me at ease. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone!"

Your turn!! 

If you're ready to step in front of my lens, (I PROMISE, you'll do great!), let's chat!

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The Boudoir Experience | Austin Boudoir Studio

By now you've probably seen the photos from last week's killer promo shoot with Miss "O"...butttt, there's MORRREEE! I know, I know...I'm excited too ;)

Check out this fun little promo video we put together to show a little behind-the-scenes action from a Click Chick Boudoir experience! Enjoy! 

Want a boudoir experience of your own?? Let's chat, dahhling!

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One badass bombshell! | Austin Boudoir Studio

The hardest and least favorite part of my job is DEFINITELY keeping secrets! It's such a challenge....especially when I'm sitting on such awesome images!!


THIS badass bombshell came to me a few months ago in hopes of creating an awesome anniversary present for her husband.  We had the most amazing time during her shoot and got some of my all-time favorite images.  And her husband "LOOOOVVVVVEEESSSSS" the images ;) 


Right before we started this set of images, this client said "How do you pick who gets to be on your blog?" To which I responded "Ummm....ANYONE who I photograph can be on my blog if they want to be!!" So she said "Can I please be on your blog!?!?!"  Hell yes you can, my dear. Hell yesssss.

PHEW! It feels good to get that off my chest. ;)

I love how she rocked out plaid, leather, lace, and ended with a super soft and feminine set! It was SUCH a versatile shoot and it was such a pleasure to photograph her!!! 

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