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As years pass, more and more women are coming to me for a boudoir experience....and I mean....coming to me from other places....as in flying to me. I can't even tell you how giddy it makes me when someone reaches out from New York, California, hell...CANADA...and says they want to come to Austin just do have a boudoir experience with me. It tells me that I'm doing something right.

I believe that right thing is making boudoir about more than just boobs and booties. It's about each woman's STORY. It's about the experience I provide. It's about the way these women FEEL when they are with me.  The women that make their way to my little Austin, TX studio are doing so for a purpose, and I take that purpose very seriously. 

There's a reason that all of the rave reviews on my page say similar things. "I felt so comfortable!" "I have never felt so sexy and I hadn't even seen one photo yet!" and "I am so so glad I did this for myself".....notice those raves have nothing to do with the photos. It's about something even more important than the photos themselves. 

When a woman is in my "care", she has my attention. I ask questions about her life, not because I'm making small talk...but because I genuinely want to know who she is, what she does, what lead her to me. I want to find out the real reason behind her boudoir experience with me....not just the one she mentioned in the e-mail when booking me.

You can ask my husband...no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing, if I see a "REVIEW" e-mail come in from a client, I stop everything to read their words about their experience....and I tear up every.damn.time. Even if it's something I've read over and over from different women. 

When I received Miss C's email, I did the same. I was at my son's soccer game and reading "I would have traveled pretty much anywhere for you"...as I shed a tear thinking about how special I felt making this amazing woman from California feel special herself.. I'm not "mushy gushy" about much, guys....but my work...my clients....I MUSH AND GUSH ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Read and view, y'all. Read. and. view. 

"The whole experience was great from the initial email up to this review. I appreciated the quick response to emails and the notes on what to expect and how to prepare (I musta read over them at least 10x)."

"Since I'm a long-time Instagram follower (aka stalker) of Kara Marie Boudoir, I know that Kara is a very busy woman, but during my time at the studio I never felt like her attention was else where. I felt very much like the center of attention and my time there was focused on my experience and making sure I was comfortable and having a good time. I left wishing the time was longer and looking forward to doing it again."

"My morale after an experience like this, and especially after viewing the pictures, is at an all time high. I'm learning more and more as I get older that the more often we are able to do things for ourselves, the better we feel from the inside out." 

"It's difficult to put into words the feelings of self-confidence, self-worth, and inner strength that result from doing this. It's a remarkable feeling and I wish I could convince all of the women in my life to do this for themselves."

"Thanks again so much for the whole experience.  You are a true artist and you work stays with a woman forever.  I would have traveled pretty much anywhere for you. I didn't want to pose by any window, it had to be THAT window; I didn't want to lay down and arch my back on any floor, it had to be YOUR floor.  Anything else would have been settling, and quite frankly I've done enough settling in my day."

Goodness. I'm so so grateful for Miss C and clients like her who value the experience that I work so hard to create. More than that, I'm so grateful for what I takeaway from each and every boudoir experience. Every woman that I have the opportunity to work with affects my life in big ways. 

It doesn't have to be me...but if you find a boudoir photographer whose body of work and boudoir philosophy speaks to you....GO TO THEM. It.is.WORTH.IT.  Don't settle for someone based just on proximity to you. You will value it so much more if you invest in your own boudoir experience with THE photographer you want to work with...wherever they are. 


THANK YOU, MISS C!!!! I adore you.   xoxox

Unruffled | Austin Boudoir Studio

In 2017, I've been setting a weekly mantra for myself. Undoubtedly inspired by quotes (I'm a quote girl, you know it...I know it...and it's never gonna change!), each week I repeat the quote or mantra each day and look for ways the mantra presents itself in my world. 

This week's mantra is to "remain unruffled", inspired by a pretty spectacular quote by Thomas Jefferson that's been giving me life this week amidst lots of things that would normally "ruffle" me. 

Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.
— Thomas Jefferson

I won't go into a long-winded story here (I know, that's a first!!! More on Instagram)...but this set of images of Miss D seemed so calm, cool, collected, and UNRUFFLED AF. Something about her demeanor in these photos says "Whatevs. I'm just gonna keep doing my thing." and these photos are giving me life this week! ENJOY!

Client wearing La Perla from Teddies for Bettys

Client wearing La Perla from Teddies for Bettys

AHHHH! Yes. Unruffled AF. I adore these images and am so delighted that more and more clients are opting to do an artistic nude set. The resulting images are so classic, timeless, and FREAKING STUNNING. 


Doodles, Brainstorms, and Travels | Austin Boudoir Studio

As a child, teenager, and grown adult, when I get off the phone with someone, I find my limbs COVERED in pen doodles. I can't write a card to someone without decorating the envelope. When I was in school, I would get scolded for "not paying attention", i.e.: doodling during class.  


Finally, in my freshman year of college, I had a professor that encouraged people in class to do whatever they needed to help them learn more efficiently. Whether that be listening to music with one earphone in, closing their eyes, or in my case- doodling. Interestingly enough, students didn't abuse this. They respected him for understanding that everyone learns differently. And everyone in the class had high marks.

I'm not an awesome pen-to-paper artist, but it soothes me, helps me concentrate, and generally helps me come up with all of my ideas worth taking action on.  When I have a lot to think about, I doodle. (Also, if you find yourself doing the same, I encourage you to check out the art of Zentangle. You're welcome.)

Lately, I've been putting a ton of thought into the reasons that I am doing what I'm doing. I'm photographing women in the boudoir capacity because I thoroughly enjoy impacting these women, giving them confidence and increased self-esteem, as well as self-discovery. Also I'm good at it. And I love it. And it fulfills me. And it's fun. And not a day goes by that I question what I'm doing with my life.  I know what my mission is and I know that I'm ON IT. 

I'm working for myself because of the flexibility to be me. The flexibility to be with my children when I want to be. The flexibility to take a freaking month off if I want to. The flexibility to travel whenever.  But wait........I've been falling flat.  It's funny how it's SO natural to fall into routines, isn't it? I have a very set studio schedule. And while every day is completely different because I'm working with a complete stranger of-a-woman-turned friend, my schedule is pretty regular.

For the last several years I've been making an effort to travel more. But the effort hasn't been the kind of effort that I typically put forth when I want to do something. Because it's a challenge. It's not easy to plan trips around school schedules and soccer seasons. It's not easy to secure childcare (if necessary) on a whim. It's not easy to take a chunk of savings and spend it on a trip. BUT I NEED TO DO IT.  

In 2015, I've traveled quite a bit. It's been awesome. I do tend to find myself going to all of the same places, though. And there are SO many places on my list to visit. And yolo. I get requests so often for destination boudoir shoots. Women in all different cities wanting me to come to them. Sometimes I'm able to pull this off, and sometimes it's just too complicated. 

When I have shot in other cities, it has been an absolute BLAST, a raging success, and a learning experience. 

So for 2016, I shall travel more. The ultimate goal is 2 different countries and 3 U.S. cities that are new to me. 

I shall succeed in this venture. 

THAT SAID, if you live....well...WHEREVER...and want me to come to YOU to photograph you and other women in your city, hit me up! I'd love to add some cool places to the list. Help me brainstorm and plan. xoxoxo

WHERE SHOULD I GO IN 2016 FOR DESTINATION BOUDOIR SHOOTS!?! HIT ME UP IN THE COMMENTS! Tell me WHERE I should go, and WHY. And tell me all about the food scene there...because I tend to base my travels around food. ;)