Rainy Afternoon Delight | NSFW | Austin Boudoir Photographer

Being downright hot and sexy is especially empowering. I am so thrilled to see this mass movement of embracing female sexuality spread through the population. 

Women are realizing that not only is it OK to be sexy and to love sex....but they are starting to shout it from the rooftops. 

More and more clients are coming in wanting to push their boundaries a little bit to create something that reminds them they are sexual beings.

Take a woman who wants to be photographed embracing her sexuality and her nudity and combine that with a stormy day and I'm pretty much in heaven (and also guaranteed to get some of my favorite images ever).

There's just something about the rain, isn't there? 

We are all born sexual creatures, thank God. But it’s a pity that so many people despise and crush this natural gift.
— Marilyn Monroe
The most profound relationship we will ever have is with ourselves.
— Shirley Maclaine

Go forth, goddesses, and embrace your sexuality.