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Generally upon seeing their photos....rather, seeing THE photo, at their photo reveal, my clients say something along the lines of "Is it weird that I want to put that on my WALL!?"


Do you know how many women don't like a single photo of themselves? They see all the flaws, the insecurities, the uncertainty in their eyes.

So when you come to a photo experience with me and you are directed and posed from head to toe, perfectly lit, and made to feel completely comfortable, you are most likely going to be SHOCKED to find that you love these photos. These photos of YOURSELF. 

We've been trained to nitpick and find fault in everything. It's the worst. 

The years that I've spent on my self portrait project led up to this moment.  The moment that I finally selected THE image to hang on my own wall.....of myself.

After taking this shot on a wobbly tripod and a crazy time crunch, I looked at the back of the camera and I was absolutely SHOCKED. Was that ME?! Wait...REALLY!? That's me? No photoshop, no wardrobe....just me? I felt the way my clients feel when they see THEIR money shot.

I ran back to my hotel room and texted the shot to my husband. He responded with something along the lines of "Big AF on the wall!". I knew he was right.

I have plenty of pretty photos of myself. Once you know your way around the camera ( hem...Photoshop), it's not a challenge to create a pretty picture.  I've got sexy ones, too. Ones that the whole point was to have sex appeal, for my husband, and to prove to myself that I still had it. 

This photo, though. THIS PHOTO was the one that made me feel STRONG, empowered, badass, and beautiful all at once. THIS photo made me FEEL something. It showed ME. The me that I want to be every day. 

When I unboxed this giant acrylic piece this morning, I gasped, shook my head, and then cried. 

Seeing a photo in print is just SO much more powerful than any screen can offer. 

This was exactly what I needed. And now every time I walk past this image of me in my bedroom (or in my living room if my husband gets his way), I'm going to feel strong, empowered, badass, and beautiful all over again.

SO, know THAT money shot that I just took of you. The one from your shoot that took your breath away?? That shouldn't be stuffed in a drawer or kept on your phone. Let us make it BIG ART so you can give yourself a daily self high five for being so damn amazing every time you walk past it.