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I'm about to get all "QVC presenter" on you. But it's totally warranted. When I find a product I love, I let everyone know about it. 

So. Girls. 

Here's the thing about me and my  Like SEEEEERIOUSLY comfortable. I would rather not wear ANY underwear (HAYYY now!) than wear underwear that's uncomfortable. Duh. 

And you wanna know another thing about me? Don't answer that. It's my blog, so you're going to learn another thing, damnit!

I am a HUGE sucker for cute packaging.  I will ALWAYS buy the bottle of wine that has the best looking label. I will buy those itsy bitsy tiny cans of Coca-Cola, even though I don't drink soda, because the can is cute.  When I'm torn between what movie to watch, I go with the one with the best cover image. 

So put my love for comfort and cute packaging together, and you've got URBAN UNDERCOVER, my new favorite underwear

The owner of this fabulous company happens to be a Kara Marie Boudoir fan (HOLLLAAA, girrrl!) and was cool enough to send me all of the styles of bottoms (thong, boy short, and hipster), as well as the black bralete to show me her goods.  As soon as I pulled them out of the box, I was doing an annoying sorority girl squeal at how freaking cute these things are. 


These underwear have a built-in pouch so that they fold up all adorably and are discreet.  Which is awesome if you're like me and you are determined that every TSA security search person is a pervy panty stealer. (Ok so I'm a little paranoid.)

Urban Undercover

Urban Undercover

And girls. The quality is outstanding!!! And they're cute. If they can make my barely-there butt look like a shape other than "wall", I'm totally sold.

Be sure to visit the Urban Undercover website to check out their array of bottoms, as well as their balete, chemise, and other accessories. This stuff is SO great....good for a photo shoot or to just be comfy any day of the week. HAPPY SHOPPING, Y'ALL!!!