For all the Janie's | Janie's Fund for abused girls

If you haven't followed along long enough yet, I'll reiterate that my boudoir philosophy is: "THIS IS FOR *YOU*, not anyone else.".  My mission is to help women embrace their womanhood, recognize their power, remember themselves as a woman first rather than mom or wife, to re-claim their sexuality as their own. Because, you see, a woman's sexuality is not meant to exist for the sole purpose of their partner's enjoyment.  

It’s not about seducing men. It’s about embracing womanhood.
— Dita Von Teese

Looking back at my life through this point, I can't say that I'm shocked that came to do what I do for a living.  Like so many other women, I was the victim of sexual abuse as a teenager.While I cannot personally wrap my head around the level of violation felt when the abuser is a family member, I am yearning to help as many girls as possible get to the same physical and mental place as I have been lucky to arrive at. It took me over 18 years to be able to say that out loud on a public platform, 18 years to be able to say that I've grown and am healed and am finally at peace. 

I've felt such a strong calling to help abused girls, to be a voice for them, and to support them financially as much as I can. When Steven Tyler launched Janie's Fund [A big voice for abused girls], that added to his HERO status in my mind and I wanted to be a part of the support team.

That said, I am proud to announce that I am officially a fundraiser for Steven Tyler's JANIE'S FUND, and on top of personal contributions, will be donating a portion of all boudoir photography profits to this charity, from now through my birthday [August 16th].

After my abuse, I eventually progressed to renewing myself and attribute much of that to therapy through music, photography, and creative that Janie's Fund uses to help these abused girls. For those reasons, I chose this organization to be a part of.

It's always been important to me that my work was important. Not that *I* was important...but that I was doing work that MATTERED. I know that the services I offer to my clients are invaluable as they aid in self-confidence and self-love...but now marrying that cause with this one makes it all the more important. 

Whether you are a client, a "someday client", or an advocate for abused girls, we would absolutely love your support.  Please visit our "For all the Janie's" fundraising page to read more and make a contribution, or choose to add an extra contribution to your boudoir booking.