The anonymous Miss "A" | Austin Boudoir Studio

A friend of a recent client, Miss "A" used her friend's amazing experience (and a peek at her images) as her gentle nudge into booking her boudoir session with me. She had never really heard that boudoir was a "thing", but it intrigued her and she knew it would make a killer anniversary gift for her husband. 

She came to me rather nervous and not knowing if she had what it took to be a sex pot in front of the camera. If you follow my blog at all, you know that I preach that EVERYONE has what it takes. It's up to the photographer to bring it out of them. 

I can’t think of anything that I would change! As my first experience with a boudoir shoot I can say everything was perfect.

The whole experience was so relaxed. From the make-up and hair time to the end of the shoot. Kara and her team are so easy to be around with and they truly make you feel as if you are one of their friends just hanging out at the studio.
— Miss "A"

If you're reading this, you probably DO know that boudoir is a "thing"...but what I hope you know by viewing my work specifically, is that it's meant to be a celebration of YOU. It ABSOLUTELY makes the best gift (like...ever.), but don't forget how much of a boost this gives. 

"It's not about seducing men. It's about embracing womanhood."

Are you ready to celebrate yourself? I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's long overdue. Let's chat, dahhling!

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A Classic Beauty... | Austin Boudoir Photographer

I have photographed miss "J" before, in a much different capacity, and was absolutely DELIGHTED when we started talking about getting her in front of my lens for a boudoir shoot.  She and her husband had a milestone anniversary last week, and she knew that she really wanted to knock his socks off for this one.  Mission accomplished. 

I wanted to express how grateful I am to be shown that all the parts of myself that I see as imperfections are really not imperfections at all, but instead make me beautiful.
— Miss J

Insanely beautiful, isn't she!?  Her boudoir experience was so much fun and I was literally DYING trying to keep this secret for so long!   We were texting back and forth on the evening that she gave her husband the incredibly amazing album and he said the pictures are exactly the way that he sees her all the time. AHHH!  Be still my heart. 

Makeup done by the talented Lauren of Lola Beauty!

Ready to be blown away with images of your true beauty? Ready to blow someone else away? Let's talk beauty and boudoir, dahhling!

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40 and fabulous | Austin Boudoir Photographer

40 years and 5 children under her belt, and she's still kicking ass and taking names.  Miss "R", here, is absolutely awesome. I've photographed her a few times in the past and her enthusiasm about the experience is a reminder to me that I am doing EXACTLY what I'm supposed to be doing. For women like her. She rocks. Read on for her story. 


"I have worked with Kara over the past three years and every time she announces she is coming to Erie I try to book some time with her. This last time I had a boudoir shoot, the 2nd one in 3 years, only this time I felt differently about myself. I am 40 years old, 30 lbs. heavier then last time and with 5 kids, the oldest being 20....a lot more haggard.

I hide from having my picture taken, the person I saw in photographs just didn't fit the image I had in my head. The idea that I wasn't that young flat bellied perky breasted tight butted hottie that the media spreads across the masses as the ideal woman left me feeling less then desirable, no matter how much my guy said I was the prettiest woman in the room. Kara wouldn't hear of it, between her and Lindsey, my make up artist, (Kara only works with the best) I not only looked like the hottie I saw in the media but I felt like it too. I just couldn't believe the those images were me!"

I now see the same thing my boyfriend does when he says I am beautiful, sexy...HOT even. What I walked away from with this shoot was more then just some pretty images... I got my groove back, I got to see that woman that the media portrays as ideal, only she’s beautiful and desirable. She’s on the 30 lbs.-heavier-side-of-40, and she’s me. Thank you Kara....
— Miss R

I also must share an email that she sent me after her's so sweet, touching, and the last line just HAD to be published for all to see!!! LOVE HER! 

"I'm so glad I met you. Truly... its not just about your photos, which we all agree... you are talented, its about you too... You have this awesome Leo personality that just shines. You put all our insecurities out of our heads.. literally out of the room, and you instantly become our life long friend, our greatest support and confidante. What our men can't do... no matter how hard they love us, no matter how hard they try, you can do in a matter of 10 minutes. The self esteem you provide is undoubtedly priceless. That my dear, whether you believe it or not, is an extraordinary gift. You can share it so freely. You are more to me then just my boudoir photographer... You are my life long friend. You are like my favoritest bra... close to my heart."


Miss R just showed 40 who was boss.  Your turn. Let's chat!


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A little bit of everything with Miss "W" | Austin Boudoir

When Miss "W" showed up for her boudoir session, she had a little bit of everything. She had some lingerie, a few dresses, a floral slip, a clubbin' outfit, an oversized shirt, cowboy boots, "stripper heels", and accessories. I knew this was about to be a fun and diverse shoot! It did not disappoint!  

When I first met Miss W about a year and a half ago, I was a new client of hers. She's the business owner of a local establishment that I frequent. We chatted about what I do and she mentioned she wanted to have a shoot! We talked a little more about it each time I came in. Eventually she pulled the trigger and booked. I'm pretty ecstatic that she did...aren't you!?

Isn't she just lovely?! We had so much fun and could have easily shot all day!  A giant high-five to Miss "W" for really rocking out her shoot! It was amazing how many images we were able to get in less than an hour! 

Yet another face well-done by my makeup artist, Lauren of Hint of Shimmer, too!! <3

Psst! Hey you! You've been thinking about it long enough. Time to pull the trigger! Let's chat about your shoot, dahhling!

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