Giving Murphy's Law the Middle Finger | Austin Boudoir Studio

Guys. The month of March was reeeeeeeeeee-diculous. I had every hand-grenade in the history of hand-grenades thrown at me. I'm not much of a complainer, certainly not on social media. And YESSSS things can always be worse. DEFINITELY. 

My April has started off with a bang (not the hand-grenade type. More of the pretty firework variety) with really great luck, incredible clients, business growth, personal victories, and yes, pretty weather! SO now that things seem to be on the up-swing, I can officially look back at my March and laugh about it....and, of course, share it all with you!

A few weeks ago, we had a plumbing issue at our house and water began to flood several rooms on our first floor. I realized we didn't have any mops! Holy shit! Who doesn't have a MOP!?? Ohhhh, yeah. I almost forgot...I'm the least domestic person in the world and have to pay someone to come clean my house because I suck at it and have no time.  So yeah, no mop for me.  

As my husband was sopping up water with TOWELS (and failing miserably at it), I said "I'm going to Target to get mops and buckets and to see if our neighbors have a wet vac or something!". I flew out of the garage in a panic only to be met by my husband's car. And it wasn't like a "woops, I didn't cut the wheel enough so I scratched the side of your car" kind of was a "SHIT, I totally forgot your car was even parked there and I was in a panic and I slammed into it full force and now you can't even get into your driver's side door" kind of accident.  

So awesome. A flooded house and two wrecked cars.  Who hit's their own car!? This girl. The same girl that doesn't have a mop, apparently. 

Over the next week was a trickle of mini-disasters with the car insurance, the sewer issue that apparently needs to be fixed by the CITY (I'm sure *that* will happen in our lifetime), and major technology fails that left me feeling pretty defeated. 

BUT THEN APRIL CAME and I said "Murphy's Law can kiss my ass". And it was like the universe heard me and delivered me the most amazing first day of April. It was Click Chick Boudoir's BIRTHDAY (and how can you have a bad day on your birthday!? How!?), I had 3 amazing shoots, 2 amazing photo reveals with amazing clients, even a few amazing gifts sent to my studio from clients that made me feel OH SO SPECIAL. A girl likes to feel special, you know!

So my bad luck streak is officially over, I've decided.  Not going to let it get me down.  THIS APRIL IS OFFICIALLY THE BUSIEST MONTH IN THE HISTORY OF CLICK CHICK BOUDOIR.  That's crazy to me, but SO awesome and inspiring.

It means that more women are seeing the value in seeing the value in themselves.  

Whoah. Deep. 

I am so in love with the way the boudoir industry has blossomed, how my list of over-the-moon-happy clients continues to grow, and how my ladies are feeling on TOP OF THE WORLD when the leave my studio.

I must admit when I first got into shooting boudoir that I didn't believe that I was bettering the world with my work!  I'm embarrassed to say that years ago it WAS just about a sexy photo.  The more I heard from my clients about their experience and what it meant for them, the more I started to see how powerful this type of imagery is. And now, I NEVER look at my images and think it's just a pretty picture. I think of each woman's story. I think of how these images have changed her. I think of how they have changed ME. 

This is powerful shit, y'all. 

(Also, I say shit a case you haven't noticed. #favoriteword)

SO ANYWAYS, this is my public decree that I am giving Murphy's Law the middle finger and making my own "luck".  Even when things are going a little shitty, I shall remember that I am pretty freaking "lucky".