The photographer who couldn't see... | Austin Boudoir Studio

Welp. I'm back on the work train. HALLLEELLLUUJJAHHH (or however that's spelled)!  I had a pretty unfortunate and clumsy and stupid and...and...just...ugggghhhh  "incident" with a heavy-duty backdrop stand a little over a week ago. CLUNK. Right on my head from 10 feet up.  I sat on the floor with my legs sprawled out in front of me like a broken doll, with stars...LITERALLY STARS...whirling around my range of vision. 10 minutes I sat there wondering if I should call someone.  Can I stand up? Can I wiggle my fingers? What's 2 + 2? Surely if I'm running through all these brain tests in my brain it can't be serious. I'll just wait a few minutes and get up. 

For about a week now I've suffered from a massive headache, cloudy thoughts, short-term memory loss....and all those other concussion symptoms that I can totally handle. What I COULDN'T handle was the loss of my perfect vision. My OH-SO-PERFECT-I-CAN-SEE-THE-TINIEST-DETAILS-ON-A-SIGN-5-MILES-AWAY vision. For the first 3 days I was seeing DOUBLE. What the shit?!  The panic, of course, set in as I pondered "What if?" "What if my eyesight never restores and it can't be corrected?" "What if I can NEVER TELL if I'm shooting in focus?" "What if this is the end of my photography career?!?!?!?". Yep, I was being all dramatic. Whether or not I was being OVERLY-DRAMATIC is yet to be determined. 

While I'm still left with a nagging headache, massive mood swings (sorry, husband!) and only slightly blurred's improved drastically and I can now function as normal(ish).

I try to remind myself often about the things I take for granted. Running water, shelter, an amazing little family......but honestly, until this incident, I really never considered the fact that my EYES are such a blessing. Being able to see is a beautiful thing and is why I can do what I do. I hope to always have my eyesight...even if, someday, I have to correct it with glasses or contacts....I couldn't bare to be unable to create any longer.

Thank y'all so much for bearing with me on the scarce blog posts and lack of online presence for a while. I'm BACK.  So let's freakin' shoot, eh?


Kara Marie