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Way back, when I first started offering boudoir photography, I would hear from clients who were about to get married and wanted some sexy photos of themselves in their wedding night lingerie and veil to gift to their husband on their wedding day.  My boudoir photography has evolved right along with modern women, and now, women are coming to me for far more powerful reasons. 

I can't quite describe the feeling of assisting women in such impactful soul-searching and self-celebration...except that of extreme honor. Which is why I don't just simply share my photos without also sharing each woman's story. That wouldn't do the experience justice. As far as photographers go, there are a million out there who are better than me...but it's not about the photos. It's what I help them discover through the process. It's what I help them celebrate. It's what I help them remember. It's what I help them realize for the first time. 

This client in particular, Miss K, had a very transformative 2016 and knew that she wanted to celebrate what she's accomplished.  She had a preventative bilateral mastectomy, and on top of that, lost 40 lbs and counting after finally taking herself off the back burner and embracing self care.  She came out of 2016 on fire and booked a boudoir experience with me to celebrate...and I couldn't be more honored. 

"Kara, I don't have words to tell you how much I love these...except that you're a fucking boudoir genius."

"My body has undergone some huge changes over the last year. In April 2016 I had a bilateral mastectomy with diep flap reconstruction as a preventative measure since I have a nasty family history of breast cancer and the genetic predisposition as well. I have also lost about 40 pounds this year. I wanted to celebrate my body and my strength.

This past year I have spent a lot of time thinking about self-care and self-preservation. I know taking care of myself is what my mental and physical health require, but like most people I know, it gets pushed to the side in order to finish whatever has to be done. "

"I don't remember how I found Kara Marie on Instagram, but her aesthetic is so similar to mine. The love for black clothing (I'm not sure if I own anything besides black, gray, and white anymore), the stunning photographs, the studio, the natural light. I knew I wanted to do a boudoir session only with Kara. "

"I jumped at the chance to book when and spend a night away once I made up my mind. My time in the studio was amazing. It was self-care that keeps on giving. Having my make-up and hair done for me (with some bonus product tips from Kendall!) was a treat."

"The shoot was empowering. Months later,  I still feel the same empowerment when I think about that morning and look at the pictures and video. I suppose I justified booking the shoot as a gift for my husband, but it was just as much a gift for me. I love the way Kara captured me. Even in the midst of laundry and dishes and keeping life moving, the reminder that I am strong and sexy is in these images. "

"After my mastectomy I decided instead of doing 3D nipple tattooing, I wanted flames. The artist I worked with designed the tattoos and they were one of my final steps in healing from my surgery. It was emotional to know I had fully healed from my surgery and was able to take this last step. My tattoos and scars tell my body's story."

"On my right forearm I have the phrase, 'take my hand through the flames' in my husband's handwriting. It's a line from the song "Sucker for Pain" from the Suicide Squad album and became our mantra during his last deployment."

In Miss K's case, she already had the tools. She knew and embraced her strength as a badass woman...she just needed me to document it.  In so many other women's cases, they need to discover that strength first, which I am always so incredibly proud to do. 

Wherever your peg falls on the "I am woman, hear me roar" board, it would be my absolute pleasure to document that exact stage in your journey, and hopefully help you progress to the next. It is *not* about the photos. It's about the uninhibited, strong, powerful, raw, beautiful woman in them. 

Infinite thanks to Miss K for sharing her words and photos with myself + the Kara Marie Boudoir readers. It was an absolute pleasure. 


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Tantalizing and Tattooed | Miss V | Austin Boudoir Studio

If I wasn't so damn indecisive and impulsive, I would be covered with the coolest of cool tattoos. See, my problem is that I change my mind really frequently. If I had gotten all of the tattoos that I thought were a great idea at one time, I would have a ring of multicolored dancing elephants around my ankle, Aerosmith Lyrics across my shoulders, and the Lucky Charms leprechaun on my back holding a sign that said "Magically Delicious" (I mean....REALLY, 18-year-old-self?! REALLY!?). 

I freaking love tattoos so much and am not-so-secretly brainstorming about a sleeve that I will likely not get because as soon as I make the appointment I'll think of a better idea, and this will go on and on until I die sleeveless. 

But I digress. THIS badass bombshell is absolutely covered in tattoos and I was SO excited because for some very sad reason, I don't get to photograph heavily inked women a whole lot. She just barely snagged one of my time slots at a boudoir marathon I did in my hometown, and I'm freaking elated that she did. 

Miss V was just amazing. And her playlist.....I'm actually going to share it with you at the end here. Because if you want to feel like a sexy, empowered boudoir vixen, just strut around in lingerie to this playlist. 

I'll shut up about tattoos and music now, view on, my viewers. View. On. 

"When I first found Kara’s work, (back then it was still Click Chick Photography!) I was enthralled by the energy and romance that pervaded her photos. I scrolled through endless galleries of engagements, families, weddings, and then, one day, I discovered her BOUDOIR galleries."

"I was floored. These women were BREATHTAKING. They all exuded such confidence, such seductive and powerful femininity. I clicked through picture after picture, just imagining what it must be like to be that brave, that strong. I decided then, years ago, that someday, I wanted to BE one of those women." 

"I have never enjoyed having my picture taken, because, frankly, I hate the way I look in most photos. I never knew much about doing my hair and makeup (shoutout to all of my girls who have helped me with that over the years!), and I just never felt as comfortable and confident in my own skin as I wanted." 

"Flash forward several years, and I have found my powerful, inner (and outer) woman. I can look back over the years and see how each decision I have made has shaped my personality and my generally “rose-tinted” outlook that I have on life. Every setback, every negative life event, every heartbreaking loss in my life gave me a choice: I could either dissolve into a sobbing mess (which, believe me, sometimes I still do!) and make excuses as to why I should feel sorry for myself, OR, I could put on my big girl panties, roll up my sleeves, and take back my own happiness. Every day I wake up with the full intention of kicking ass and taking names, and I refuse to let anyone tell me that I can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t; because I am a woman, and that makes me powerful."

"Okay, taking a step off of my soapbox for a minute… Flash forward to the moment I walked into my shoot with Kara: it was like reuniting with a long lost friend. She was so energetic and bubbly that my enthusiasm was immediately boosted to another level. The shoot was a blur, and after a few snaps, I could feel myself start to relax and really get into what I was doing." 

I wanted the powerful, sexy, feminine woman that I felt like on the inside, to be shown on the outside and in my photos.

Favorite alert! Favorite alert!

When I received the link to my online gallery, I was speechless. This couldn’t be ME. No way. And yet, there I was, sultry, self-assured, and shining.

"I’m obsessed with my pictures, and I can’t thank Kara enough for helping me capture my inner feelings on film. 

EVERY woman reading this right now NEEDS to have a shoot like this. It’s life-changing. It’s empowering…and fun… and just so many amazing things! Don’t worry about a thing, just let Kara work her magic and your inner goddess will come out in her photos!"

"This is what I wish for all women: Take risks, always strive for growth, and don’t EVER let anyone dim your shine. Be your own strength, your own best friend, and your own biggest fan."

"My current favorite mantra" :
“The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” –Mohadesa Najumi


"Thanks for everything, Kara! You’ll be hearing from me again in the future ;) "


Miss V