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Throughout my decade-long career as a photographer, I have thrived in two VERY different markets, I have been consistently booked to capacity, I have ONLY been on an upward trajectory of earnings from year to year, and I have never, EVER stopped collecting knowledge on this industry.  Running 2 bustling photography studios and being an actual full-time working photographer most definitely adds to my ability to be able to teach relevant material to photographers in all stages of their journey.

While my work has continued to evolve and improve, it is my passion for providing outstanding customer service and running a sustainable, successful business, without gimmicks, that make my strengths teachable to others.

If you're just starting out, if you’re frustrated with your business, if you're trying to specialize in beauty or boudoir photography, if you don't understand why your inbox is empty, if you aren't making enough money, if you feel like the market you're serving just cannot afford you, then: let's chat, dahhling!



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“BOOK HER FRIENDS”: A guide to keep business flowing using the tools that you already have: your existing clients. ON SALE NOW.

A Boudoir Photographer’s Manual to BOOK HER FRIENDS : A guide to keep business flowing with the tools you already have: your existing clients.

This is a comprehensive 32-page guide full of instructions on how to increase business drastically by using a strategic method of gaining referrals, INCLUDING the tried-and-true Kara Marie referral voucher method.

Not only does this guide include an insane amount of tips to gain referrals, but it also tackles some of the most commonly used excuses by photographers as to why it may not work for them (modest market, same-day reveals, don’t do in-person viewing, etc.). Properly and consistently executing the guide to “BOOK HER FRIENDS” will most definitely boost business long-term and allow you to be sustainable for years to come.

BONUS* Includes e-mail templates + .psd referral voucher templates ready to customize so you can get started right away!

“Kara Marie's Guide to Productivity for Creative Professionals” ON SALE NOW


Being blessed with a creative brain does not have to mean that you are cursed with being scatterbrained and unproductive. While it may not be in our nature (Hi, I’m Kara Marie, and I am in possession of a creative brain), it is absolutely possible to train yourself to be productive and high-achieving.  Beyond being possible, becoming a highly productive person will also change your life in all the best ways.

This 28 page guide gives you actionable, bullet-point, easy-to-follow instructions for creating a productive day for yourself, allowing you to achieve the most in the least amount of time and stress, therefore maximizing effectiveness and profit while minimizing anxiousness and frustration. Complete with links to free and for-purchase productivity resources, workbook pages, and it’s chock full of information with no fluff, this is the perfect productivity manual for entrepreneurs and creative professionals.

Kara Marie has been a full-time professional photographer for over a decade, and in that time she has studied productivity and groomed herself into a high-achiever using the techniques within this guide.


Being a successful photographer takes a heap of work, ongoing education, a whole lot of resilience, and even more malleability. My social media DM’s and e-mail inboxes are filled every day with photographers in all stages of the game asking for help on specific topics, asking for advice for their business, or just wanting to pick my brain over coffee. As much as I genuinely LOVE to be able to help as many people as possible (truly, I have a passion for educating…but…)….it’s impossible for me to tackle these kinds of questions while also running my very full-time photography business and creating educational content like I do without one facet or another suffering.

SO, based on my desire to help photographers become more successful and my lack of free time to do so, I’ve structured the ability for you to reserve an hour of my time via Facetime/Google Hangout/Phone call to allow me to tackle your specific questions and shed light on any aspect you choose.

Whether you’re in a slump and need a traffic boost, you’re curious how I run my business, you’re wondering why potential clients are ghosting you, you need to know how to increase your average sale, or what to do if you’re just starting out::: this virtual meeting can cover any questions you want me to tackle during our appointment.

1:1 Mentoring Workshop **mentorships currently sold out**

Here's the deal: Anytime I have been to a photography workshop, I've always yearned for more one-on-one time with the instructor, and more catered learning.  My solution to helping other photographers WITHOUT being a full-time educator, WITHOUT sacrificing my shoot time, all while MAXIMIZING the benefit for the "mentee" photographer is my  1-day intensive one-on-one workshop. This is SUPER comprehensive AND customized, y'all.

We will discuss your business as it is now, as well as where you want it to be.  I'll do a review of your website, social media, and portfolio and create an action plan for you to improve all of those facets of your business using my tried-refined-and-true 6 bullet points. Also covered throughout the program is unlimited email Q&A, a brief look at your pricing and sales process, post-processing, portfolio building, client experience, and the shoot process if it would be helpful to you. There is no magic pill to having a successful business, so you should be prepared to work for it. Having a day with me will not automatically rock your business…but it will give you the tools that you need to begin kicking boudoir booty if you work for it.

If you have the ability to travel to Austin for your mentorship, it is also an option to add-on a shoot for yourself to learn even more about my process. Putting yourself in front of my camera is one of the most immersive ways to learn about providing your clients with excellent direction, customer service, and a personalized beauty or boudoir experience. I recommend having your shoot the day before our workshop date as it’s a great way to start the learning.

For those unable to travel to Austin, we are able to arrange a long-distance mentorship with the help of video chats, emails, and phone calls.


“Two years ago today I did a 1:1 mentoring session with Kara Marie. Though I have not yet implemented ALL of her recommendations yet, I have already over doubled my average sale. The lessons she teaches are invaluable and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I can’t wait to continue to use the strategies she recommended and grow more in upcoming years. Cheers to Kara and her awesomeness!

-Kimberly Sweet

“Ok…so before I start to officially post my clients’ images, I thought it would be important to show mine. Yes…I’m partially naked. Yes I was nervous as hell! But the important part of all of this is that I DID IT! I did it for ME. I also did it for YOU (my clients). I wanted to be able to feel what it’s like to be vulnerable like that in FRONT of the camera. These images were shot by one of my mentors, @KaraMarieStudios and let me tell you, she is NOTHING short of amazing. I owe A LOT of credit to this young Cameron Diaz-look-alike for inspiring me to take the next step into pursuing beauty and boudoir photography. She has guided me in many ways— probably some of which she doesn’t realize yet, but hope she will see it in my hard word. Thank you, @KaraMarieStudios for helping me kick open the damn door!

-Nichole Kathryn

“Things are going great! For just about the whole year after I saw you, every client purchased my largest package. Thank you SO much for all of your help.”

-Name Withheld

If you are ready to catapult your beauty or boudoir business in the right direction, this is for you! Because of the time commitment, I can only take a very limited number of mentor partnerships each year. My all day one-on-one workshop is $5000+tax and can be broken down into 4 payments of $1250+tax.  Mentorships are available only to photographers NOT in the Austin area or immediate vicinity, and only one photographer per market are accepted into my mentorship program. The session fee for the shoot add-on is $1000 additional. 

Want to find out my availability for a mentorship? Let's chat!!

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I get countless daily messages via e-mail and social media from photographers who are just looking for a quick answer. I don’t have the means to answer every question that comes my way, every time it does….so you’ve likely been directed to this page as a response to a question you’ve asked that is covered here! Ahhhh, see? It’s all about efficiency. Read on, my inquisitive friend….read on.

Q: Do you accept mentorships? Will you mentor me!?

A: Short answer: On a very limited basis, yes. And….maybe. Long answer: We run a very bustling little studio that is very full-time. Mentorships are incredibly rewarding and I love them, but they also are quite time consuming as I do take each one very seriously. If I know that my busy schedule would cause me to half-ass your mentorship, I will decline it. It just isn’t fair to you to only have half of my preparation time and attention. Before I accept any mentorship request, I will first review the items that you feel you need the most help with and I will assess your business as an outsider/from a customer perspective via your online presence. If I feel that my strengths in the industry are not what you need the most help with, I will not take your money. I want to know that I have skills and tools to offer you that you don’t already possess.

Also, I only mentor one photographer per city/town. Which means if you’re from Mobile, Alabama and I’ve already mentored another photographer there, unfortunately I will not take you on as a mentorship client. I work really hard to teach tools and tactics that will catapult you to being the most-booked in your city, and while it’s up to each photographer to do the work, my conscience couldn’t deal with mentoring two competing photographers. Ya dig?

(Reference mentorship program information above.)

Q: What gear do you use?

A: It doesn’t matter, truly. I spent way too much of my early career caring about having what everyone else was using only to discover that it really didn’t matter. BUT, if you realllllllly want to know: Depending on the shoot, I select from one of three camera bodies. The Nikon D750 is my go-to, the Nikon D700 (discontinued) is my absolute favorite but the images are much much crisper, and the files a little smaller so I’m selective about which shoots I use it for, and the Nikon D810 for commercial editorial boudoir or shoots that I know are going to be printed BIG. My absolute favorite lens is the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 art lens, followed by the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 art. I shoot social media content, travel, and personal images on my little Fuji XT-1 mirrorless with a 35mm lens.

Q: Any tips for a new photographer to building a successful business?

A: Yes: never. stop. the. hustle. Never stop reflecting. I’m on year 10 in business and still hustle and reflect daily like I’m just starting up my business. Focus the MOST on delivering incredible customer service, as that is the most important thing. Customer service level can make or break your success. Stay consistent with your efforts, take great care of your existing clients, and put yourself and your work out there often.

Q: When should I get a studio? Did it make a big difference in your business?

A: The short answer is, you can make any situation work for you. If you cannot afford a studio or if your business is not quite consistent enough to warrant it, explore your other options and rock them out. I don’t recommend jumping into a studio space until you have a proven track record of numbers and know that you can afford it. Will your business benefit from a studio?? With boudoir, yes…probably. Having a boudoir studio lends to your credibility, makes clients feel more comfortable, and will likely light a fire under your ass as you’ll have a sense of pride about your own space AND you’ll want to continue making enough to be able to keep that space. Getting my studio was a huge milestone for my business — not because of the studio itself, but because of what that represented. It was a mental step that needed to happen in order for me to take myself to the next level. It was time.

Q: Do you photograph other photographers?

A: Of course. I love shooting other photographers! In fact, a healthy portion of my client base is photographers. What an honor!

Q: Do you offer discounts for photographers who want to book sessions with you? Do you trade?

A: Now what kind of boudoir business preacher would I be if I discounted services just for photographers? I am flattered and proud to say that I have a LOT of photographer shoot clients. Like…a lot. I do not treat photographers any differently than I treat my non-photographer clients. You get the same level of customer service, the same quality of images, and the same product options. Oh…and also the same price. :) If you charge what you’re worth it will finally become ridiculous to you to consider accepting any less. You shouldn’t discount yours, either.

Q: Do you teach workshops?

A: I often decline many of the speaking opportunities I’m given simply because of the time involved to do it RIGHT and the time that I actually have to do it. I take classes, keynotes, workshops, and mentorships very seriously and don’t do it for the pay. I do it to help. But I can’t be very much help if I’m unable to invest the time needed to do it RIGHT. SO- if I have enough notice and am comfortable with the amount of time I have to prepare, you may see me popping up at a workshop here and there. But if you’re hoping to learn from me, your best bet is to inquire about a 1:1 mentorship.

Q: How do you balance personal and work life?

A: I always laugh at this question…because #1- that means you think that I DO balance it, and #2- no one EVER asks my husband that question. So I’m a mom of 2 school-aged boys. I work a ton. I travel often. My husband runs his own businesses as well. He works a ton. My kids’ health, safety, and happiness are my number one priority. But my kids are NOT my sole priority.

For them to be healthy, we give them nourishing food, easy on the sweets, encourage play and being outdoors. For their safety, we give them a roof over their heads in a very safe neighborhood, I walk them to the bus stop in the mornings when it’s still dark, I make them buckle their seatbelts and look 13408 times before crossing the street. Don’t play with fire, don’t leave with strangers. You know, the whole nine. Regarding their happiness: We don’t give them everything they want, we teach them that they cannot expect things to be handed to them without being earned, we teach them that being able to work hard is actually a privilege. We give them space to be independent and develop their own personalities. My daily “goodbye” to them is “Be kind. Excel.”…and I mean it. We teach them to be good people first and foremost because THAT is what matters— not what they choose to do for a living, not who they choose to love, and certainly not what brand of clothing they wear.

MOST importantly, WE PRIORITIZE OUR HAPPINESS. If I were a stay-at-home-mom, I can assure you, our entire household would be miserable. MY HAPPINESS affects THEIR HAPPINESS. And I would not be happy as a 100% full-time mom/housewife. I would HATE it….and I would resent it and eventually I may resent THEM. What sense does that make!? I know women who absolutely rock the stay-at-home mom thing out of the park, and they are happy, and that works the best for their family. AWESOME— that’s what they should do then. I know other moms who have nannies and housekeepers and personal chefs and rely on the help of others to keep their household afloat. AWESOME— that’s what they should do then. There is no ONE way to make a family work. And for ours, 2 hard-working parents who can tag-team on the schedule and make it happen while given our children the space to exist independently of us is what works for our collective happiness. Your story may be different, and I don’t judge you for that.

As for the “BALANCE” part…the answer is simple: I don’t balance shit. Something will always have less of my attention, and that is 100% ok. When I’m really hustling on a project at work, I may not see my family as much, I may miss a soccer practice or not be able to volunteer to chaperone a field trip. And when I’m focusing hard on having quality family time or working on my relationship, I may not be able to answer e-mails right away, I may even miss a booking opportunity, and that is 100% ok. I believe it’s thoroughly unnatural to be 100% conflict free and balanced. In what world does that happen???? Let’s stop striving for perfect balance and just be a little more accepting of ourselves and life’s challenges, shall we?

Treating my business like a business and running my daily life as such is key to feeling like I can take it all on.