YAY for teamwork! I don't often do "trade"/"TFP"/"promotional" work, but in the rare event that I do, it's with brilliant and talented people-- SO KUDOS! I love working together with people as special as yourself. 

I have the utmost respect for those that I collaborate with...and I will treat your work as such. When using an image you participated in on social media, I will tag your handle appropriately. If we have collaborated for a third-party brand, note that it is not their obligation to tag you, though I encourage them to. Anything on the Kara Marie Boudoir Instagram, Facebook, or Blog will be tagged using the information you've provided.

I will never post anything that I don't truly believe is a representation of everyone's best work. If you every have any issue with anything that I post, please contact me directly and be open in communication with me. 

Given a trade collaboration, I will use my full discretion to select images to retouch and release. Note that trade work does not have a guaranteed timeline as this is my full time profession and paid jobs must take precedence. That said, I am truly in love with my job and I promise to turnaround your image release within the best of my ability. Your images WILL see the light of day. 

 My philosophy for trade work is "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours"! I'll promote the hell out of you, and it would be oh-so-nice if you would promote the hell out of my by means of sharing our finished product with your followers and properly crediting everyone involved (hair stylists, makeup artists, photographer, wardrobe, etc etc etc). The best way to make a project successful is pulling all of our efforts to promote it.  I will credit you in social media and on my blog. SO please be sure to fill out the accurate information in the model release below


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