1 HOUR Q&A with Kara Marie

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1 HOUR Q&A with Kara Marie


Being a successful photographer takes a heap of work, ongoing education, a whole lot of resilience, and even more malleability. My social media DM’s and e-mail inboxes are filled every day with photographers in all stages of the game asking for help on specific topics, asking for advice for their business, or just wanting to pick my brain over coffee. As much as I genuinely LOVE to be able to help as many people as possible (truly, I have a passion for educating…but…)….it’s impossible for me to tackle these kinds of questions while also running my very full-time photography business and creating educational content like I do without one facet or another suffering.

SO, based on my desire to help photographers become more successful and my lack of free time to do so, I’ve structured the ability for you to reserve an hour of my time via Facetime/Google Hangout/Phone call to allow me to tackle your specific questions and shed light on any aspect you choose.

Whether you’re in a slump and need a traffic boost, you’re curious how I run my business, you’re wondering why potential clients are ghosting you, you need to know how to increase your average sale, or what to do if you’re just starting out::: this virtual meeting can cover any questions you want me to tackle during our appointment.

Within 48 hours of submitting your $500 consultation fee, you will receive an e-mail to start the scheduling process. There are 5 dedicated consultation time slots blocked out each week, and appointments are able to be made as soon as 1 week in advance, and up to 3 months in advance. Q&A appointments are scheduled Monday through Thursday. The purchase option will be deactivated in the event that time slots are closed or sold out (so as long as you can click the “purchase” button, we can get you scheduled!)

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Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

Beauty or Boudoir Photography Business Launch

Business Market Change

Pricing Structures

Running a Photography Studio

Workflows and Processes

Effective Marketing

Increasing your Sales Average

Delivering Outstanding Customer service


Filling your booking calendar

Dominating your Market

In Person Sales

Photo Shoot Styling

Creating your brand identity

Establishing your target demographic

Balancing business + personal

…and that kinda thing ;)